Ever wondered if there is a specific ideal time to treat pests in your home? With the warm weather ending, bugs will undoubtedly look for newer, cozier, and warmer spaces to hide and enjoy during winter.

Now would be an excellent time to call Life After Bugs to help you check if everything is okay as you attempt to make your home bug-proof. But is a specific time when treating your space for a pest infestation recommended? Most experts will advice on all-year-round treatment depending on the bug of the seasons. Here are specific times when such treatments would be effective.


This can safety is considered the Texas cricket infestation duration. Every time you walk out in the evenings during Fall, you will not miss the singing crickets. This means that it is time you likely to suffer from an infestation of the same. Therefore, this would be the ideal time to treat for cricket infestation.

Late summers also experience some spiders, moreso the back windows. You could also have a problem with wasps which are more aggressive in the Fall, not forgetting rodents such as mice and r5ats, which seek a home when the months get colder.


Typically the holiday months. These are condusive for rodents and ants since the food sources will be plenty. Watch out for storage areas, and make sure everything is tightly sealed. Besides that, you also want to stack up wood properly to avoid any critters and pests from hiding in a pile. Your fall decoration can be a great hideout, too, so store these properly.


This is the season when rodent infestation is likely to be top rampant. The attic and roof rats will wake you most nights with unending noises. Centipedes and silverfish pests may also increase due to the high moisture levels. You can have the exp[rts suggest a solution that works since not many natural conditions are under your control.


Well, the weather is getting warmer as spring sets in. While everyone is excited about the changes, this is also the season for the return of bugs. Watch out for fleas which tend to hatch in thousands during this season. Ticks can also be a problem and are responsible for most of Texas Lyme disease. Both fleas and ticks are a significant nuisance to both humans and pets.


This is undoubtedly the hottest season in Texas. It also means that this is when you have to worry and prepare for potential termite infestation. Call the pros to come in when you spot swarms around your home. Ants are alos most likely looking for new colonies, not to mention that mosquitoes will also be on the rise.

Fortunately, regardless of the season and bugs of the season, the pros at Life After Bug are always ready and prepared to help. Call them to discuss your current stressful bug issue, and they will sort you out in hours.