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Stay Safe with these Pest Control Tips

It is always a scary sight to spot a bug in your house. You fear that there’s only one or maybe more hiding in some corner of the house. No matter the bug or any other insect you find in your home, it is always

Why is Performing Pest Control on your own a Bad Idea?

Killing a few bugs you spot around in your house is a lot different than performing a pest control task. It might seem easy to spray some insecticides and disinfectants, however, that’s not how it goes about. Pest control is something you should leave to

Three Reasons Why You Should Never Do Your Own Pest Control

Having bugs, insects, or any kind of pests in our homes can be annoying and scary. Although no matter how annoyed we might be at these little creatures, there are reasons why we should never attempt to do our own pest control – not just

Why DIY Pest Control Projects Fail in Houston, Texas

DIY activities are fun, and these are projects that most homeowners love to dabble in. May these be arts and crafts or simply redecorating our homes, DIY could be a great way to save some money and even time. However, if there’s one thing that

Types of Pests to Watch Out For During the Winter Season

The winter season can be cold and gloomy, but it can also bring that freshness that people are craving after a hot and sweaty summer. Although you know what the winter season can bring as well? Pests – not something most of us are looking

Three Pest Control Tips to Ensure Your Safety in Houston, Texas

If you’ve had pest problems in your homes, then you’ll realize how annoying and scary these things might be. These pests are tiny creatures that creep up into your homes, and they tend to be the cause of chaos and despair – we’re not even

Debunking the Most Common Pest Control Myths

There are some myths that we never thought were myths, and there are some truths that we never expected to be true – this is a fact of life, and this can go on and on. Here at Life After Bugs, we aim to educate

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