Houston is big when it comes to a lot of things, unfortunately, this includes humidity that welcomes nasty vermin, which is why treatment from a licensed pest control company is vital in the Bayou City. The good news is, when a proper pest control plan is executed, it allows us to enjoy the activities Houston has to offer, like local BBQ, football (go Texans!), and theatre.

The large range of bugs and rodents that this region contains poses a threat to both the inside and outside of our homes, and each season offers both similar and different varieties, which our pest control service can solve.

Houston Pest Control by Seasons

Let’s take a look below at the four seasons and the unfriendly guests they invite, the dangers they pose, and how pest control service from Life After Bugs can help.

Spring is in the Air, as well as Mosquitos!

Houston locals understand that our spring is just a short sprint to summer, and an increase in humidity brings all sorts of pesky bugs.

  • Ants: While we may think of fire ants as the ones that bug us the most, all variety of ants are capable of biting. Though not usually dangerous, unless you are allergic to them, even the tiniest, untreated bite can become irritated and infected.
  • Aphids: These damage and hurt our yard’s agricultural system. Aphids can quickly repopulate, and they overtake our plants by destroying their nutrients, causing them to wilt and die.
  • Caterpillars: Like aphids, caterpillars are harmful to our leafy friends in our garden and yard, but they also are dangerous to humans and pets.
  • Cockroaches: The three common types of roaches found in Houston are American, German, and Asian (these even fly!). Roaches carry bacteria, viruses, and other disease-causing organisms with them that they can spread to humans.
  • Fleas: Once our furry family member brings these home to us, they do not take long to cause an infestation. Aside from the painful and itchy bites, fleas carry microbes that can cause human illnesses.
  • Mosquitos: Nothing can ruin good, quality outdoor time with family or friends quite like these flying nuisances. Houston-area mosquitos are not short on their arsenal of risks to humans, including yellow fever, malaria, and a variety of viruses.
  • Snakes & Reptiles: Aside from the general desire to not have these in or around our home, there are some snakes that do pose a serious threat to our safety, including cottonmouth, coral, and rattlesnakes.
  • Termites: Beyond destroying your house, these pests can cause respiratory issues (allergies, asthma), stings (a solider termite bites and stings), mold spores, and even dermatitis.
Photo of a Houston area Mosquito

Because many of the critters listed pose a danger to our health, having a pest control plan in place is important and, just as vital, securing one from a licensed pest control company to ensure treatment is performed safely and accurately.

Life After Bugs’ pest control service can help prevent and eliminate all these unwelcomed nuisances both inside and outside your property, including home exclusion, seasonal lawn fertilization and deep-root treatment, and installing mosquito misting systems, among many other offerings to form a safe pest control plan.

The Dog—Fleas and Tick—Days of Summer

Summertime in Space City can sometimes feel like it engulfs half the year because of the extreme heat, which bugs just love, including:

  • Ants
  • Bed Bugs: As the EPA has documented, bed bugs are a public health problem, often leading to severe allergic reactions, including anaphylaxis shock, and mental health issues, such as insomnia and anxiety.
  • Cockroaches
  • Fleas & Ticks: The fleas are back, and this time they brough their pals with them: ticks. These arachnids are not only dangerous to our beloved dogs and cats, but they pose a threat to humans, as well, including causing over eight different diseases.
  • Termites
photo of Houston dog itching fleas and ticks

We can help prevent and eliminate all vermin threats by creating a pest control plan specifically tailored to you, including bed bug removal, flea and tick control, and termite treatment.

Leaves are Falling, Autumn is Calling, Spiders are Crawling

We all look forward to the joys that fall brings, like holiday gatherings, cooler weather, and pumpkin-spice everything! But cooler weather invites other types of bugs.

  • Fire Ants
  • Kudzu Bugs: These beetle-like creatures have mouthparts for sucking the juice—and life—out of plants.   
  • Ladybugs: These small beetles are just lovely looking, though our plants and fruits don’t think so; ladybugs can destroy and devastate our plants, fruit, and vegetables.
  • Rats & Rodents: Rats, mice, squirrels, among other rodents, can spread a whopping amount of diseases to humans. Additionally, many of them are aggressive and can cause serious injuries by scratching and biting.
  • Roaches
  • Spiders: Most spiders do not pose a serious risk to humans. However, they are better served elsewhere, and the Houston area does have two very dangerous spider species: the Black Widow and the Brown Recluse.
black widow 3d rendering

From Texas sized fire ants to spiders trying to become your new roommate, our pest control service has the solutions for you, including exterminator services to get rid of spiders.

 Winter is Coming, and so are the Rats!

Get the blankets, hot chocolate, and your pest control plan from Life After Bugs ready because rodents, and other unwelcomed guests, are still in full effect during the cozy days of winter (even they want to escape the cold).  

  • Ants
  • Cockroaches
  • Fleas
  • Mice & Rats

Life After Bugs provides both exterminator and pest control service options to help keep your family safe and cozy during the cold winter months.

How Often Do You Need Pest Control in Houston?

As illustrated above, the Houston area is prone to not only seasonal pests, but also harmful ones found year-round. Recurring, or regular service from Life After Bugs helps prevent and eliminate these threats by creating a specific pest control plan for you and your family, keeping you safe all year.

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