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Integrated Pest Management Programs

Integrated pest management is an effective pest control technique that uses proven eco-friendly methods to lower pest populations. Integrated Pest Management (IPM) helps businesses operate safely by preventing pest infestations with proactive pest control service. Its methodology is also practiced by many residential pest control companies because it lowers the risk of pesticide exposure. Call Life After Bugs at  (281) 709-2639 to request pest management service in Katy, Fulshear, Richmond, Kingwood, or West Houston, Texas.

Scheduled pest management services repeat at pre-determined intervals such as monthly, weekly, or quarterly. IPM companies report rodent and pest populations at three levels; nuisance, health hazard, or economic threat (the worst being economic threat).

IPM companies identify pests, monitor and benchmark their population and level of control, implement preventive pest control measures, report data, and use pesticides only when needed.

Integrated Pest Management Benefits

The biggest benefit of IPM service is pest prevention. Instead of waiting to treat a fly or rodent problem, the IPM services use preventive measures to thwart infestations before they start. IPM plans also benefit people’s health by not exposing children to pesticides unnecessarily, prevention exposure to blood-borne diseases rodents and pests carry and reducing the number of insect and spider bites.

IPM Service for Businesses

Life After Bugs Pest Control Katy & Richmond TX

The IPM approach is ideal for businesses, property owners, restaurants and bars,  grocery stores, shopping centers, and pest control programs at many other commercial locations.

The goal of IPM programs is to prevent pests by keeping areas clean, avoiding clutter, sealing around doors, windows, and roofing soffit, installing pest repelling barriers, getting rid of any standing water, and removing trash from the premises often. One of the most important services IPM companies provide is educating customers about IPM best practices so they can implement routine tasks to help promote pest prevention.

Weatherization Sealing

Integrated pest management includes a practice called weatherization to seal gaps and voids around entryways, windows, roof, or any other area of the building a pest control technician identifies as a possible pest or rodent entry point.

Integrated Pest Management Plans

Contact us to learn more about our IPM plans. Our technician can inspect your building and, after discussing any concerns you may have, recommend a detailed pest management plan for your unique business. We provide pest management in Katy, Fulshear, Richmond, and West Houston, Texas.

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