Trying to enjoy your backyard without getting eaten by mosquitos? Life After Bugs offers professional mosquito control treatment, lawn treatment, and stand-alone mosquito suppression services in Katy, Richmond, and Houston, Texas. Contact us to learn more about our preventive treatments, spray for active infestations, and mosquito lawn treatments to prevent larvae from reaching maturity.

Mosquito Control Services

Life After Bugs offers a variety of mosquito control services including but not limited to:

  • Commercial mosquito control
  • Residential mosquito treatment
  • Mosquito prevention spray & lawn treatment
  • Mosquito suppression

What Is Mosquito Suppression Anyway?

When it comes to taking care of mosquitos in your yard, you have two basic options. First is mosquito control, which aims to kill the existing infestation but does little to address the source. The other is mosquito suppression, which aims to not only kill the existing mosquitos but also to prevent them from coming back by eliminating areas for them to lay eggs and producing a barrier around your property to keep them out. At Life After Bugs, we believe in prevention to help eliminate the problem at the source, and as such we advocate for mosquito suppression. Here’s how that works.

Addressing Existing Mosquitos with Treatment

Before we can start preventing mosquitos, we must address your existing infestation. We use a non-toxic mosquito spray to kill adult mosquitoes that are living in your yard. This immediately lessens the amount of frustration and discomfort you have in your yard.

Preventing Mosquito Reproduction

Next, we address areas in your yard where mosquitos may try to lay their eggs or where larvae may develop. Standing water, for example, is a popular breeding ground for these pests. We empty any standing water that we can. In places like French drains and water systems where we can’t empty the water, we will spread non-toxic mosquito repellent to keep them from laying eggs. These products are safe for wildlife, pets, and kids, but are fatal to mosquito larvae.

Repelling New Mosquitos

Finally, we will spread mosquito-repelling granules throughout the yard. Again, these are not harmful to pets, people, or wildlife, but they are something mosquitos do not enjoy. This keeps the mosquitos from coming to your yard and biting your family.

In addition, we will spray mosquito repellent in any tall grasses or shrubs in your yard. This is where mosquitos like to rest during the day before feeding in the dusk hours, so treating these areas will help reduce the mosquito population in your yard.

Our barrier treatments are safe for your pets and family as soon as they are dry. We do ask that you avoid the yard until the products are completely dried, but there is no risk once they are.

About Our Mosquito Suppression Products

Our mosquito suppression treatments are safe for your family. Barrier spray products use pyrethroids, which are similar in chemical structure to the chrysanthemum flower. These are completely non-toxic and do not harm water sources, plants, or animals. We also use a garlic-based spray that has a strong, potent aroma. This is sprayed around vegetable gardens, flowering plants, and bodies of water. It will not harm bees or aquatic life but will keep the mosquitos away.

These products are more effective than mosquito misters you can have installed to use yourself because they address the source of your infestation and make your yard less appealing to mosquitos for feeding and reproduction, while also eliminating the adult mosquitos. With mosquito suppression, you can safely enjoy your yard again, free from these disease-carrying and frustrating pests.

Request Mosquito Control or Suppression Treatment

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