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Bed bug treatment in
The Woodlands, TX

The Woodlands Bed Bug Treatment and Control

You must have heard the phrase, “Sleep tight, don’t let the bed bugs bite”. But what if your bed already has bugs? Well, in that case, you need Life After Bugs to assure a sound sleep at night. We offer the best bed bug expulsion treatment so that you can sleep without worrying about these creatures feeding on you.

Quick and Reliable Bed Bug Control

Do you suspect bed bugs? Here’s how we can help. Firstly, we will use a localized treatment targeting the areas where bed bugs are most likely to hide. Spot treatment can be used to remove the creature, however, it is not as effective as other solutions. The reason is, bed bugs and their eggs are so tiny that they can fit in nearly the smallest crack in your house. Some common areas to find bed bugs are:

  • Cracks in the headboard and frame of the bed 
  • Near the seams, piping, and tags of the mattress 
  • In between the cushions and seams of your chairs and couches 
  • Between the curtain folds and drawers 
  • In electrical appliances and outlets 
  • Between the edges of walls and ceilings


Signs of Bed Bug Infestation

The presence of bed bugs does not go unnoticed. Thus, look for the following signs:

  1. Spotting red or rust-colored stains on the sheets, mattress, etc. 
  2. Finding tiny yellow exoskeletons, eggs, and eggshells on and near your bed 
  3. Living bugs under the mattress 

You can also identify the presence of bed bugs by spotting red and itchy bites on your body. These insects are usually attracted to the body temperature of humans and hence feed on their blood at night.

Our Bed Bug Expulsion Process

  1. Contact Life After Bugs
    Firstly, we will understand your problem over the phone. We will also try to offer a quote for more clarity. 
  2. Inspection and estimate
    We will then send our team to your location for an inspection. After this, we will present more accurate estimates for the services needed.
  3. Treatment
    As you confirm the services, we will perform the required treatments. We will aim to remove bed bugs from every corner of your house. 
  4. Prevention
    If you opt for our regular services, we will visit your home at scheduled intervals. You will receive regular service for bed bug prevention for a long time.