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Wildlife Control In
The Woodlands, TX

The Woodlands Wildlife Removal

Are you hearing scratching noises in your attic? Do you have wildlife problems on your property? Or bird or vat problem in your building? Are rats, mice, and squirrels roaming on your property? We can handle it all! Life After Bugs is a family-owned business offering the best-quality pest control services. We handle all sorts of pest and wildlife control problems and offer safe and efficient solutions. 

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Sadly, insects aren’t the only creatures who love to live in your houses. Other animals like squirrels, rats, mice, etc. also seek refuge in your house. These animals when living in your house can bring in a range of diseases and other issues. Rats can chew up on your clothes, electrical wires, and other items. These animals can also bring in diseases like the plague. 

Thus, it is important to hire a wildlife control service. At Life After Bugs, we offer services like:

  • Wildlife trapping and relocation services 
  • Racoon and squirrel removal from the attic 
  • Complete elimination of rats, mice, bats, etc. 
  • Clean-up services for animal waste and odor control 
  • Handling emergency issues like the removal of dead animal

Though we offer services for various wild animals, we do not offer expulsion services for domestic animals like cats and dogs. Thus, in case of trouble with these animals, you can contact your local county animal services.

The Woodlands Wildlife Removal Tip

Animals like rats and mice love to breed in garbage dumps, sewage lines, etc. Any place where they find warmth and food are ideal spots to reside. Thus, the easiest way to remove these animals from your house and locality is by maintaining cleanliness. You can regularly clean your garbage cans, backyards, etc. The authorities can clean the sewage lines frequently. However, if the issue persists, Life After Bugs is the ultimate solution for it.

Easy and Affordable Services

Our pest and wildlife removal services are easy to hire, efficient, and highly affordable. Thus, contact us now to get an estimate!

Resources for Free Wildlife Removal
in The Woodlands

In case you are looking for service options that don’t charge you at all, then government resources can help. You can contact agencies like your local county animal services or the Texas wildlife commission. 

Our wildlife removal services do not include any violence against the animals. We use safe and efficient methods for expulsion. Contact us now to know more!