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Life After Bugs offers custom lawn pest control plans that include seasonal lawn fertilization, weed control, and protection against grass-feeding insects to enhance your lawn, trees and shrubs. We provide fertilizing and lawn pest control services in KatyHouston, Kingwood & Richmond, Texas. Contact us online to request service or call  (281) 709-2639 now to speak with our team.

Lawn Care Services

Our lawn pest control, fertilization, and weed control services include:

  • Deep Root Feeding for Trees: Deep root fertilization helps trees by promoting growth, disease resistance, and overall health of your trees and shrubs much like a multivitamin. The best time to deep root feed is when the bushes or trees are dormant in the fall and winter, and the type of feed needed varies depending on the specific plant.
  • Tree & Shrub Disease Control: Bush and tree disease control protects your trees from insects, fungus, bacteria, and viruses. Treatment can include manual removal of fungus, adjusting soil and drainage surrounding, and applying spray treatment or slow-release injections in the soil.
  • Custom Lawn Treatments: Custom lawn treatments such as applying a winterizer fertilizer so your lawn is green and healthy in the spring, weed control to prevent weeds down the road, and insect repellant or control spray to prevent bugs from eating your lawn.

Caring for Grass by Type

The most common types of grass found in the yards of Houston area homes are St. Augustinegrass and Bermuda grass (aka skutch grass). While they are both warm climate turf grasses, bermudagrass needs direct sunlight to survive but much less water. That means that if your trees provide much-needed shade, your bermuda grass will die. If you are lucky enough to have a yard with trees that provide shade, your best bet would be to put down St. Augustine grass.

St. Augustine Care & Fertilization Schedule in Houston, Texas

Fertilize St. Augustinegrass in early fall (September or October) to keep it healthy but do not fertilize it in December, January, or February unless cool weather seeds were planted over the warm climate grass to maintain a green lawn in the winter. Apply a nitrogen fertilizer every 2 months in March, May, July, and September.

St. Augustine is dormant the winter and has no natural winter pests. If you experience winter disease contact your lawn care company to schedule an inspection and determine if an invasive species is feeding on your lawn.
Disease Control: Apply insecticide n August to kill white grubs that feed on St. Augustine grass.

Apply insecticide in August to kill white grubs that feed on St. Augustine grass before they devour your entire lawn.

Apply a preemergent herbicide in October or November to prevent spring patches and weeds. Apply postemergent herbicide as needed from March to September, keeping a close eye out for Ching bugs and white grubs. These bugs are prolific in the spring and early summer, so treat aggressively if needed

Bermuda Grass Care & Fertilization Schedule in Houston, Texas

Bermuda grass does not need a fall nitrogen treatment in the Texas Gulf Coast climate. A winterizer treatment with potassium rich potash can winter-proof your lawn and make it more frost resistant.

Apply insecticide lawn treatment in the winter to kill any insects causing damage in the fall, before the first frost for best results. Common bermudagrass pests include mole crickets, white grubs, bermudagrass mites, and bermudagrass scales. Apply insecticide in May then again in July to control young nymphs before they become large grass-feeding adult insects.

Prevent large patch with fungicides in the fall so for a healthy spring lawn. Any disease left untreated in the winter will continue to fester in the spring, so it’s important to treat patches with fungicide before the Bermuda grass goes dormant.

Apply a pre-emergent herbicide in early fall (September or October) to prevent broadleaf and grassy weeds. A second application of winter pre-emergent herbicide is recommended two months after the first application.

Request Home Lawn Care Plan

Contact Life After Bugs to request lawn treatment or request an add-on lawn care plan with your pest control service. We have locations in Houston, Katy, and Richmond, Texas serving the greater Gulf Cost area. Call now to request a fall lawn winterizer service or lawn inspection.