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A residential exclusion service seals gaps, holes, crevices, and cracks on the exterior of your home to prevent rodents, bugs, and other pests from coming into your home. A home exclusion service creates a nearly impermeable barrier so that your family and pets are not needlessly exposed to bug spray or pesticides inside your home. Sealing out pests and rats is a smart approach to pest control that, when used in conjunction with other preventive measures can keep your house bug free for years.

Exclusion Warranty

Our home exclusion service comes with a one year guarantee. If insects, bugs, or mice get into your home within one year of the exclusion service, our experienced pest control technicians will come to your home to seal any new barrier breaches.

What Do Residential Exclusion Services Include?

  • Sealing entry points in roof overlaps, AC lines, breezeways, roofline, soffit, windows and roof vents with wire mesh and urethane foam designed specifically for exclusion purposes
  • Sealing spaces under the front, back, or garage door
  • Closing holes and cracks in foundation walls, siding, and brick
  • Sealing any gaps or broken seals on your garage door

What Critters do Home Exclusions Help Seal Out?

The most common types of pests and nuisance animals our customers ask us to remove and seal out include:

  • Rats, rodents, and mice
  • Squirrels
  • Raccoons
  • Birds
  • Reptiles (Snakes and Lizards)
  • Spiders

What are the Most Common Rodent Entry Points?

The most common rodent entry points include:

  • the area around the air conditioning lines where they come into the house
    the roof overlap
  • soffit
  • window vents
  • roof vents
  • breezeways
  • easement
  • roofline
  • around windows

Times are tough. If you’re on a tight budget and trying to DIY rodent proof your home, make sure you seal all of these entry points with wire mesh and polyurethane foam to prevent reentry of pests, rodents, mice, and rats.

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Contact Life After Bugs today to schedule pest or rodent exclusion service. Our family has been taking care of families like yours for 10 years, and we’ll be right here when you need our help.


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