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Life After Bugs (L.A.B.) offers pest control and exterminator services across the Houston, Katy, and Richmond, Texas areas.

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Life After Bugs (LAB) is a fully licensed, family-owned Pest Control company specializing in Pest Control services including but not limited to termite inspections; pest prevention treatment; and covid 19 disinfecting and sanitizing. Our insect control specialists will mix the perfect cocktail to exterminate insects and rodents that are bugging you. Then you can begin your Life After Bugs!

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Life After Bugs (LAB) is a fully licensed (TDA License #691524), family owned Pest Control company located in Katy, Richmond and Houston, Texas. We specialize in commercial and home Pest Control and extermination services including Termite Inspections, pest prevention programs, and Treatments. Our team of expert pest control technicians is here to help you decide the best treatment solution to help you begin your Life After Bugs!

Termite Control

Hi Life After Bugs, Thank you for doing such a good job for us. Your staff was very professional and courteous. Larry, we truly appreciate the way you handled the termite inspection for us and how detailed you were regarding your concerns about the possibility of future termites. You helped us to eradicate the conditions that made our home an easy target. We look forward to using your other services in the future

– Rob & Marissa

Flea Extermination

“Larry, thank you for helping me get rid of the fleas that my dog brought home from the dog park! It got really out of control really fast and I didn’t know what to do. Every time I thought I got rid of them I would find more. I didn’t realize that they have stages and you have to treat the eggs as well. After you came out and sprayed the house and the yard I finally got rid of them once and for all. I will definitely recommend you to my friends. Thanks again.

– Lindsey

Spider Extermination

“Great family owned pest control company. I support my local businesses and I am glad I found this company to attack the spider problem I had in my home. Customer service was above and beyond my expectations. They came out and treated every nook and cranny that was a potential issue. Now 1 month later, I am seeing a huge difference. They even came back out on a follow up call for another bug problem I was seeing and quickly took care of the issue.”

– Danny

Ant & Roach Infestation

“Life After Bugs is our trusted exterminator! We moved to Texas and never experienced cockroaches before. They came to our home 5 years ago, treated our home and backyard and we’ve been loyal customers since! They do a thorough job, all technicians are polite and efficient, and all have shared concern for any issue we had. (Fire ant infestation of the backyard once- they treated our yard and educated us on how to prevent future problems.) For an exterminator company to trust, choose Life After Bugs!”

– Heather

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