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Effective Pest Control Services in Conroe, Texas

Pest infestation is becoming a huge concern among the people of Conroe. Thus, to help them out, we have come up with our pest and bug control services in the city. With our team of trained professionals, we assure to eradicate every unwanted organism from your houses and commercial spaces.

Our experts also make sure that the products used during pest treatment are eco-friendly and safe. With our licensed services, we assure to help everyone in the best possible way.

Residential Pest Control Services in Conroe, Texas

Residential Pest Control Services in Conroe, Texas
Living with pests can be a nightmare. You are putting yourself and your family in danger by ignoring the need for pest control services. Pests, insects, and bugs can ruin your house and also affect your family members severely. If your family has been falling ill frequently, it is a sign of pest and bug infestation.

Hence, to assure everyone’s safety, it is better to hire professional pest control services soon. You can call our experts from Life After Bugs for the best pest control services in the city. We use only eco-friendly and safe treatment agents.

Don’t believe us? Call us now and know it for yourself! 

Commercial Pest Control Services in Conroe, Texas

Pest infestation is not only limited to residential spaces. They can invade your offices and commercial spaces too! If you own a business and suspect pest infestation, get your office treated by us. 


Ignoring pest control services in offices can be dangerous for the employees as well as for other inventory. Pests like rodents and other insects can ruin the important documents and papers in your office. They can also infect your employees and reduce your work productivity rate. 


Thus, to save your business and keep your employees safe, hire our pest control services for commercial spaces today!

Dealing with Pantry Pests

Pantry pests? What are these? 

Pantry pests are the ones that breed in pantry foods. These come into your home unnoticed and spread to other healthy food items too. But how do they get in exactly? 

Pantry pests are often found in the groceries you buy. These are so tiny that you might miss out on them. An adult female lays eggs inside any of the food items you brought in. these food items can be anything like 

By the time the eggs hatch, the product might already be in your pantry. The newborns will begin to feed on whatever food item they find and grow eventually. Some of these pests can also chew on plastic and cardboard and spread to other items. This way, the entire pantry gets infected and so do you. Thus, you can follow these ways to keep your food items safe.

If nothing works, you can always hire a pest control service for your home. You can call us now and ask for an estimate!

Are you Attracting Rodents
into your Conroe, TX Home?

Rodents like rats and mice enter our houses for three primary reasons-safety, food search, and a warm place to live. Other than that, rodents also find it easier to locate food in homes rather than find it in the wild. 

Overall, your home can be a perfect nesting spot for rats and mice. But not for you. Living with rodents can be extremely dangerous as they can easily infect your food items and other objects. Plague is one of the major diseases caused by these creatures. Other issues caused by them are: 

All these are perfect recipes to make you sick too. Thus, the best is to prevent rodents from entering your house. If they do anyhow, you can hire a rodent control service for your home.

Preventing Ants in your Conroe, TX Home

Ants are the tiniest and the most inevitable creatures in your home, especially during the summer months. They can easily enter your home and inside your kitchen and bite or sting you. Ants can also contaminate the food items stored in the kitchen. They also can destroy your house from the inside out.

The four common types of ants found in the homes of Texas are acrobat ants, pharaoh ants, fire ants, and carpenter ants. All these can bring in a variety of problems in your house. Thus, it is better to prevent them by using these ways:

You can use these ways to keep ants away. However, if these don’t seem to work, you can always call our experts from Life After Bugs for ant control services.

Our Services

At Life After Bugs, we aim at helping people get rid of all sorts of bugs and pests.
Thus, we offer the following services:

Hire Life After Bugs today for the most reliable pest control services.