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Our Services

Termite Control & Treatment

Our termite control technicians have experience installing termite baits, treating active infestations, and preventing termites.

Flea Control Treatment

Have a flea problem in your home, lawn or at your business? Our flea exterminators provide effective flea control services that are safe for your family and pets.

Ant Control

Do you have an ant problem at your home or business? We provide comprehensive ant control, treatment, and prevention service.

Mosquito Misters Install

Contact us to schedule a quote to install mosquito misters in your backyard or at your business. Our professional-grade systems prevent mosquito reproduction so you can enjoy the outdoors again.

Webworm Control & Treatment

Our technicians treat webworms with effective pest control solutions to kill them before they defoliate your lawn. Don’t let webworms treat your lawn like an all-you-can-eat buffet, contact our exterminators.

Rats & Rodent Control

Our exterminators perform rodent control services to keep vermin out of homes and businesses. Contact us to schedule service.

Cockroach Control

We provide cockroach treatment and prevention throughout the Texas Gulf Coast. Contact our roach exterminators to schedule service.

Cricket Control

We perform cricket control service to eliminate noisy crickets keeping you up at night and eating your lawn.

Lawn Pest Control

Brown patches in your grass or bugs eating your tree? We provide lawn pest control services to get rid of bugs eating your landscaping.

Bed Bug Control

Think you have bed bugs? We provide commercial bed bug treatment for businesses across the Texas Gulf Coast.

Exclusion Service

We perform pest and rodent exclusion services to seal out unwanted critters for homes and businesses.

Spider Control

Do you have a spider problem in your home? Contact our team to schedule spider control treatment.

Mosquito Spray & Prevention

Life After Bugs offers professional mosquito control, treatment, mosquito yard treatment, and stand-alone mosquito suppression services. With mosquito suppression, you can safely enjoy your yard again, free from these disease-carrying and frustrating pests.

Commercial Pest Control

Need pest control service for your business? Our commercial pest control technicians provide services across the greater Houston-Katy area for restaurants, bars, grocery stores, retail shops, office buildings, hotels, medical buildings, and more.

Animal Trapping & Removal

We trap and remove animals that sneak into homes and businesses. The most common animals that people want to remove are rats, squirrels, birds, and possums.

Squirrel Trapping & Removing

We trap and remove animals that sneak into homes and businesses. The most common animals that people want to remove are rats, squirrels, birds, and possums.

Hotel Pest Control

Our pest management programs integrated pest control for hotels and employee training to ensure successful prevention and treatment.

IPM: Integrated Pest Management

We trap and remove animals that sneak into homes and businesses. The most common animals that people want to remove are rats, squirrels, birds, and possums.

Fly Control

Contact us to schedule a free pest inspection and assessment for large or fruit fly control and prevention.

Bird Control & Deterrents

Our pest control technicians provide bird control, prevention, and deterrent installation .

Termite Solutions

Whether you’re buying a new home and need a WDI inspection to make sure there are no signs of termite activity, or you want one-time treatment to exterminate a termite infestation, or want to protect your biggest investment with a treatment to defend against termite invasion, Life After Bugs has a solution that will work for you.

We also offer termite monitoring systems that are much cheaper than treatment as well as termite baiting systems so you can rest assured that if termites attack your home is already protected. 

Pest Inspection Solutions

Everything is bigger in Texas, including the bugs! No matter which of these insects or rodents have decided to take up residence in your home, our LAB technicians will be sure to evict them!

Lawn & Landscape Solutions

LAB also offers custom lawn pest control service plans to protect and enhance your lawn, plants, trees, and bushes. Our services include:

  • Deep Root Feeding for trees to aid in growth and overall health of your trees.
  • Tree & Shrub Disease Control which will protect your trees from insects, fungus, bacteria and viruses
  • Customized Lawn Treatments such as regular fertilization, weed control and protection against lawn-feeding insects.