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Life After Bugs keeps businesses bug, pest, and rodent free providing commercial pest control services in Katy, Richmond, and Houston, Texas. Whether you’re concerned about pest control compliance, regulatory inspections, or simply preventing unwanted pests our technicians can help. We are experienced with local city and government ordinances regarding minimum pest control compliance in Harris County, Fort Bend County, Waller County, and Brazoria County. If you’re looking for a local bug exterminator you can count on for all of your business’ pest monitoring, control, and treatment; call Life After Bugs.

Commercial Pest Control & Exterminators for Businesses

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Pest Control for Hotels, Bars & Restaurants in the Hospitality Industry

Office Buildings

Pest Control for High Rise Condos, Apartments & Property Managers


Pest Management Services for Department Stores, Clothing Retailers & Shops


Pest prevention Services for School Districts, Colleges, Universities & Private Schools


Exterminators for Apartment Buildings, Condos & High Rise Property Managers


Doctors’ Offices, Family Practices, Hospitals & Professional Medical Buildings


Courthouses, Federal Buildings, City & County Facilities, Detention Centers

Food & Beverage Industry

Meat Packing Plants, Canneries, Distilleries, Brewing Companies, Food Manufacturers

Commercial Pest Prevention Programs by Industry

Life After Bugs has over 30 years of combined experience providing pest control services for businesses in various industries across the greater Houston, Katy, and Richmond, Texas area. Commercial pest management programs include but are not limited to:

Termite Control

Preventing termites before they cause damage to your business is the smartest and most economical termite control approach. Once termites enter the structure of your business the added costs to repair the damage quickly multiplies, which can cost far more than termite treatment. Our certified Sentricon Specialists use Sentricon termite baits and treatment sprays, which are the best in the business.

Integrated Pest Management
Integrated Pest Management (IPM) principles include implementing effective pest control practices that work but do not put people, the environment, or ecosystem in danger. IPM prioritizes the sensitivity of the environment and safety of people, pets, and animals in extermination and pest management programs. IPM employs a scientific approach to pest control taking each insect, bug, or animal’s contact with the environment into consideration. Smart IPM programs mitigate cross-contamination and unnecessary exposure that could disrupt the ecosystem. Life After Bugs follows these industry standards treating pests safely and monitoring pest activity to make sure it is effective.
Exclusions Seal Pest Prevention
Life After Bugs uses the most proactive pest prevention tactic to stop infestation before they occur by sealing gaps and removing entry pathways. We create a barrier to protect your business, property, or facility from unwanted guests.
Mosquito Misting System Installation

Life After Bugs installs mosquito mister systems to prevent mosquito larvae from hatching into biting adults. Keep your patio, courtyard, or shared outdoor living space mosquito-free by installing a professional-grade mosquito misting system made by Coast Misters right here in Houston.

Rodent Control Programs

Using the most effective rat and rodent prevention and control programs we seal entry points to prevent entry. If the barrier is breached, we trap and remove rodents and re-seal any new gaps.

Mosquito Control

Our professional mosquito control experts can install mosquito misting systems to prevent mosquitos on restaurant patios, common areas at multi-family residential areas, and at other businesses.

Fruit Fly Control

Our commercial pest control experts know how to get rid of fruit flies and prevent further infestations with our fruit fly control programs.

Commercial Bed Bug Control

Our bed bug exterminators can treat an entire hotel, doctor’s office, or apartment complex to stop an infestation before anyone knows they were there.

Cockroach Control

Our cockroach control technicians can set up a cockroach prevention system and apply the most effective roach treatment for any existing bugs. We have experience servicing businesses with specific pest control compliance and regulatory needs and are happy to consult with your business regarding control and extermination for roaches.

Restaurant Pest Control

Our professional restaurant pest control services help prevent, remove, and eliminate pests and rodents. From fruit flies to roof rats, we’ve got you covered.

Need a Certificate of Disinfection?


Request facility disinfection using EPA registered products in compliance with CDC standards. Nisus DSV is a broad-spectrum disinfectant, sanitizer, virucide, and deodorizer labeled to kill dozens of viruses and bacteria including Covid 19 (the novel coronavirus).


Spray all door knobs, doors, and high touch areas


Residential & commercial


Spray hard indoor surfaces: tables, desks, chairs, floors


Everything sanitized after 20 minutes of saturation

Life After Bugs Covid Disinfecting Service
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