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Restaurant & Bar Pest Control

Looking for an experienced restaurant pest control company that can eliminate pests, rodents, flies, and rats in Katy? Life After Bugs has served the greater west Houston, Katy, Richmond, Kingwood and Fulshear areas for 11 years. Our food and beverage industry pest control team have more than 20 years of experience getting rid of and preventing infestations at bars, cafes, restaurants, and bakeries.

Contact Life After Bugs to schedule commercial pest control at your restaurant, café, or bar. From fruit flies and roaches to birds and roof rats, if you suspect an infestation call to schedule service before you get a health code violation.

Extermination & Pest Control Services

Our exterminators prevent, eliminate, and remove rats, termites, bed bugs, flies, roaches, ants, birds, squirrels, possums, and more. We even install mosquito misting systems so you can wine and dine your customers outdoors on the patio without getting mosquito bites.

Restaurant Pest Control Plans

Need a weekly or monthly pest prevention or control plan for your bar or restaurant? Get in touch with us to schedule a custom pest control plan and eliminate avoidable health code violations and fines.

Texas Pest Control Code Violations for Restaurants

  • TFER 228.174(f) – Protective Barrier. A protective barrier must be installed to protect exterior walls and roofs from rodent and pest invasions.
  • TFER 228.186(k)
    • (1)Controlling pests. Failure to inspect food, food shipments, and supplies for signs of pests and rodents on a routine basis.
    • (2)Pest Presence. Check the restaurant dining room, kitchen, walk-in cooler, and equipment for signs of pests, flies, and animals.
    • (3) Pest control. If any dead fly, bug, roach, or other insect is present. Even one dead roach or fly is a core #34 health code violation in Texas.
    • (4) Controlling pests. Cleaning out and removing anything that could attract rodent or pest harborages like food particles on the floor or garbage cans left inside overnight.
  • TFER 228.186 (l) – Failing to remove dead and trapped rodents, insects, birds, and other pests. Failure to remove rat traps with animals in them, birds living in the ceiling, and dead pests and insects from the premises is a TFER code violation.

Restaurant Exterminators & Pest Control Experts

Contact Life After Bugs today at  (281) 709-2639 or contact us online to request a quote for service. Our commercial restaurant exterminators look forward to helping you keep your business bug and rat free.

Schedule Bar or Restaurant Pest Control

Contact Life After Bugs today to schedule pest control service at your restaurant, cafe, or bar in Katy, Richmond, or West Houston, Texas.