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Beetle Control Services in Houston, Texas

The Most Trusted Beetle Control Services in Houston

If there’s a commonly found pest in Houston then this could be the beetle. While beetles might seem harmless, nobody really wants to live in a beetle-infested home – neither should you. These types of pests can often be confused with cockroaches, but there are more than 25,000 species of beetles in North America alone. They do have a hard shell where they keep their outer wings, and this is the part that gives them protection. Even though beetles might seem harmless, there are beetle types that can be destructive. This is why it’s best to have a go-to pest control service provider like Life After Bugs to help you in times of infestation and need. So why not give us a call today at Life After Bugs to get more information?

Preventing and Exterminating Beetle Infestations in Houston

Beetles are a type of bug that can multiply quickly, this is why it’s best to go for an exterminator service as quickly as you can. When you spot these types of bugs, it’s best to understand that you would have to deal with them in the safest way possible. This is also to ensure the safety of your home and those you love. Here at Life After Bugs, we provide one of the most trusted Beetle Control Services in Houston. We also offer these services to clients in Conroe, Katy, Pearland, and the Woodlands, Texas. You’ll know that these beetles will be dealt with professionally and accordingly here at Life After Bugs, and the infestation you’re suffering from will soon end. So why not get an estimate on our services today?

The Most Common Types of Beetles in Houston

There are three common beetle types that you can find in Houston, and these are the following:

• Carpet Beetle
• Furniture Beetle
• Japanese Beetle

Before these beetles get a chance to infest your homes, it’s best to bear in mind the dangers they might introduce to your home and your family. This is why it’s important to be in contact with a trusted pest control service provider like Life After Bugs.

Here at Life After Bugs, we only use human and pet-friendly insecticides so you’ll know that your loved ones are safe. This is a guarantee to all of our clients.

So if you’re suffering from a beetle infestation today, reach out to our team of experts at Life After Bugs to get the help you need.

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