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Hire the Best Exterminators in Houston

It has been estimated that US citizens spend nearly billions of dollars a year to recover termite damage. Considering these numbers, it is quite clear that termites are not some bugs to ignore. They can take your house down simply by eating it away. Not

Best Time for Pest Control in your Homes

Pests, insects, and bugs love to live in a warm climate. That is also one of the reasons you can find them in your houses during winter or cold months. Since the temperature inside your house is much higher than the exterior, these pests find

Prevent Cricket Infestation

You must have heard some unusual sounds at night coming from the corners of your house or your backyard. These are the sounds made by crickets. Crickets might not seem dangerous for humans but they are. Moreover, they can invade your house just like other

Is your Houston Home Infested with Termites?

Pest infestation is a common issue among homes in Houston. Your house can be secretly invaded by various pests. But out of these, termites are something you need to watch out for. These creatures are tiny in size but can ruin your home and other

Is DIY Pest Control Effective in Houston?

DIY culture has gained immense popularity in the past few years. No matter what the task is, you will easily find a DIY trick for it. This same goes true for pest control. There are plenty of “easy DIY hacks” available on the internet for

Commercial Pest Control for your Offices

Pest infestation is a common problem, not only for households but also for commercial spaces. Just as pests damage your house and other items, they can do the same to your offices and workplace too. Pests like termites and other bugs can develop in your

Common Bugs to be found in your Home

There are several types of bugs and insects you can find in your Houston home. Not all of these are dangerous but it is still quite a nuisance to have them around. Some of these are also capable to contaminate your food and infect you

4 Winter Pests to Look Out For

You may feel that your home is now safe from pests as the temperatures outside are dropping. However, that’s not true. Especially, if you reside in regions receiving snowfall. As the temperature outside drops, you tend to make your house warmer. The temperature inside your

When Should I Clean the House After Pest Control?

The first thought that strikes your mind after pest control might be cleaning your home. While it is completely natural to think of cleaning your home after pest control, you should rather clean it before the treatment. Experts suggest cleaning your house before pest control.

Debunking Some Common Pest Control Myths

Myths and misconceptions have been a part of our culture for a long. Sadly, myths also surround the topic of pest control. Many of us also believe in them and fall prey to major pest infestations in our homes. Hence, to avoid such conditions, it

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