Bed bugs are truly a nuisance for everyone. They don’t benefit anyone but themselves. Aside from living under people’s roofs without permission, they feed on the homeowners themselves.

Furthermore, bed bugs are not easy to eliminate. Common pesticides don’t work on them. Also, you only need one adult bed bug to start an infestation.

Luckily, bed bug heat treatment is the most effective cure for bed bug infestation. But before getting the treatment, you have to prepare your home. Follow these steps how.

Prepare your room

Each bed that needs to be treated needs to be moved two feet away from the walls. Move any furniture that’s positioned against the skirting boards of the room so that our expert can access them without obstruction. If your bedding or mattress is severely contaminated, it may need to be thrown out. Remove everything tucked up beneath the bed as well.

Finally, vacuum your room, paying special attention to the spaces surrounding furniture where bed bugs often hide or lay their eggs.

Next, your wardrobe and clothes

Bed bugs like to hide in clothing. It’s why treating your wardrobe while receiving heat treatment is essential. Keep your clothing hung up in your closet, but don’t crowd it; this will let heat circulate and kill any bedbugs.

Outside-the-wardrobe clothing should be cleaned and dried as thoroughly as possible, or dry-clean clothing like jackets and coats. Furthermore, keep clothes out of plastic bags so they may receive heat treatment.

Heat-sensitive items should be removed

Of course, not everything in your home is heat-resistant. They include aerosol cans or pressurized containers, lighters, paint, glue, deodorants, and flammable liquids. Additional things include prescription drugs, wax products that might melt, and electronic devices that might get destroyed by the heat.

If you have aquariums, fish tanks, or plants, transfer them temporarily to a cooler location to protect them from the heat.

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