Bed bugs are one of the most hated insects everywhere. And getting rid of them is not easy. However, if you prolong the treatment, the severity of bed bug infestation can advance because an adult bed bug can lay eggs 1-3 times a day. Those eggs will be an adult in less than a month.

Some people like DIY techniques because they think they’re the most affordable and the fastest. Consequently, DIY methods have a lot of drawbacks.

Here are the reasons why you should call an expert instead.

Bed Bugs Can Easily Spread

There is a reason why bed bug infestation can easily happen. They are easy to spread and tough to eliminate without help from experts. These pesky bugs attach themselves to clothes, furniture, and bed sheets. One wrong move and you can cause another infestation in another room.

Pesticides Are Not Effective on Bed Bugs

There are bed bug colonies that are resistant to pesticides. Buying pesticides is like throwing money down the drain. Professional pest control services got all the tools and solutions to effectively eliminate bed bug infestation.

Your Family’s Health Is At Risk

Numerous over-the-counter products have hazardous substances that are bad for both people and animals. You can use too much as a result, whereas a professional is trained to apply them correctly and in the ideal places to reduce health risks.

Missing Some Key Areas

DIY solutions don’t always eliminate all the bed bugs because they nest in different areas, such as furniture, curtains, wallpaper, and other cracks and crevices around your room. Experts are well trained to check all the nooks and crannies to completely eradicate all colonies.

DIY Techniques Don’t Work

DIY techniques primarily work to lower bed bug populations but fall short of completely getting rid of them. In the long run, fixing the problem yourself will cost you more time, money, and effort. If the infestation worsens, you probably need to throw away necessary objects like couches, furniture, or even electronics.

You can definitely avoid these consequences when you call an expert, like Life After Bugs.

An expert like us uses only the proper chemicals and treatment while avoiding endangering your family, pets, or property.

We are a top-notch pest control in Houston, Texas, that also service residents near the Houston area.

Why don’t you call us today to solve your bed bug problems?