The age-old question of “how to get rid of mosquitoes” is something that has vexed property owners for generations. These insects can be a nuisance with their constant buzzing and itchy, irritating bites and can also serve as a vector for certain diseases. If you suspect you need pest control in Katy, TX, start out by reading about the signs of a mosquito infestation we described below and how the issue can be treated.

Are Mosquitoes Nesting in Your Home?

Signs of a Mosquito Infestation

Standing Water on the Property

Just like all living creatures, from insects right up to humans, mosquitoes have a life cycle that involves reproducing to create the next generation of insects. For mosquitoes specifically, these insects breed in areas of stagnant water that have been standing in place for some time. These locations create the perfect environment for mosquito eggs and larvae to grow through their fledgling state and into maturity, where they will begin to be a nuisance to anyone on your property.

There can be a number of different places that create these environments. If there’s an area of your lawn that doesn’t drain well after rainfall, for example, the standing water can create the environment for mosquito eggs and larvae to thrive. Drainage from a laundry or HVAC system, backed-up gutters, or any other source of water that doesn’t flow away or drain quickly can create the conditions for a mosquito swarm to thrive.

Persistent Swarms of Mosquitoes

One or two mosquitoes showing up every once in a while might not be indicative of an infestation on the property. However, when you start seeing these bugs more frequently than that, you may have a more serious problem on your hands. Persistently seeing entire swarms of mosquitoes rather than just a handful of the insects out searching for a meal is a sign that the bugs are nesting on your property.

Along with the sight of these insects swarming together, pay attention to the background noise you hear on your property as well. A constant droning and buzzing in the background is often a sign of mosquito swarms. Hearing this noise on a regular basis can be a clue that you have a mosquito infestation that you’ll need to get taken care of.

Mosquitoes Present in Your Kitchen

Mosquitoes are best known for feeding on blood, both our blood and the blood of other animals besides humans. However, it’s important to note that this only makes up a portion of this insect’s diet. Mosquitoes also feed off the nectar from plants and off of sugar-rich foods such as fruit or sweets.

Because of food’s ability to attract mosquitoes, it’s important to keep an eye on your kitchen when determining if you have a mosquito issue on your property. Mosquitoes hovering around your cabinets or refrigerator on a persistent basis is enough to tell you that you may have an infestation present on your property. Taking care of this issue will help you reclaim your kitchen from these all-too-common pests.

High Amount of Mosquito Bites

Just about everyone knows about the annoyance that a bite from a mosquito can cause. The affected area forms a small bump on the skin, the telltale sign that a mosquito bite has occurred. Before too long, this bump gets irritated and itchy, prompting an urge to scratch at the skin where the bite took place. Persistent scratching can damage your skin, causing bleeding and in some cases an infection that could lead to more serious issues.

One or two mosquito bites over the course of the spring and summer months are practically inevitable. However, if you and others on your property are noticing an unusual frequency of mosquito bites, this could be indicative of a mosquito infestation present on your property. If you’re noticing more itchy, irritating bites than usual, it may be time to seek assistance from a pest control professional.

How to Get Rid of Mosquitoes

Eliminate Sources of Standing Water

As we covered above, mosquitoes breed in wet environments where stagnant water has been standing still and not running anywhere. You can use this knowledge to help alleviate your mosquito infestation issue. The first step is identifying the areas on your property where standing water is located and where the mosquitoes are reproducing.

Once you’ve identified areas mosquitoes might use as a breeding ground, landscaping adjustments can help to eliminate the standing water. Improving the drainage of the area of your lawn where stagnant water can be found is one way to reduce mosquito populations. If it’s a water feature on the property where mosquito eggs are present, improving the flow of the water is one way to remove the conditions that these pests nest in.

Use Anti-Mosquito Traps

When looking for ways to get rid of mosquitoes, it’s important to look for long term solutions instead of immediate fixes. A mosquito trap can be a great way to not only deal with the infestation you currently have on your hands, but also to provide lasting protection from future infestations. You’ll get to enjoy a lasting sense of comfort with one of these traps in place.

The way that professional mosquito traps such as the In2Care Mosquito Station work is by attracting mosquitos with a specialized odor that the insects find irresistible. A treated gauze strip within the trap uses a biocide to eliminate the mosquitos attracted to it. The green service indicator tells you when it’s time to have the trap maintained, making it easy to keep your property mosquito-free for years to come.

Call in Professional Help

Dealing with a mosquito problem on your own is a tough challenge. DIY methods only get you so far in the battle against these bothersome insects. That’s why calling in a pest control expert is such a valuable asset to have on hand. Along with the highly-effective traps described above, professional pest control technicians have several other tricks to mitigate a mosquito issue.

One reason to trust a professional with this difficult task is that they know how to deal with the issue without causing any harm to your family or pets. They’ll use methods that are proven safe and provide you with the instructions that you need to safely use the solutions they provide. This can be helpful compared to the unpredictability of trying to take care of the issue on your own.

Pest Control in Katy, TX

If you’ve got a mosquito problem that you can’t deal with on your own, don’t hesitate to call in the assistance you need. Waiting once you’ve detected a problem is a surefire way to make the problem worse and more extensive to deal with. As soon as you notice the signs of an infestation, call in a professional to assess the issue so that it can be dealt with quickly and  completely.

When you need help taking care of the mosquito problem on your property, trust our experts to help you make your life pest-free. Along with mosquitos, we can also deal with termites, cockroaches, and a wide variety of other common household pests. Get in touch with Life After Bugs and get on the path to victory over pests!