Pests, insects, and bugs love to live in a warm climate. That is also one of the reasons you can find them in your houses during winter or cold months. Since the temperature inside your house is much higher than the exterior, these pests find it a perfect spot to live. They also get enough food from your house in the form of your household items and stored food. 

Pests can feed on these things and end up contaminating and damaging your belongings. Thus, to avoid such a condition, it is necessary to carry out professional pest control services

Which are the Best Times for Pest Control?

Pest control can be done nearly at any time during the year. The experts suggest you do it once every two or three months. You can also go for season-specific pest control. This can happen in the following manner: 

  • September to October 

This is the time pests and other creatures begin to look for shelter before winter. The pests like crickets, spiders, wasps, and mice are the most active at this time. 

  • November to December 

Winter season is like an enemy to these pests as they cannot find food and a warm residence outside. Due to this, ants and rodents enter your home. They can reside in your garage, cluttered spaces, etc. 

  • January to February 

These can be the coldest months for pests, especially, rats. They will sneak into your attics and feed on whatever they find in there. You may be able to hear squeaky noises through the ceiling or smell urine in your house. 

  • March to May 

The spring season begins and so does the season of hatching for fleas and ticks. They hatch in hundreds and can take over your house. Fleas and ticks can also bring along a lot of diseases, especially for your pets. 

  • June to August 

This is the favorite season for pests as they get favorable temperatures with the right amount of moisture. Termites and ants are the most active at this time as they form new colonies and swarms. 

Considering this, all months throughout the year are suitable for pest control. Thus, don’t wait any longer and ring us up at Life After Bugs in Houston, Texas. Contact us now for more details.