Pest infestation is a real challenge for both residential and commercial properties. Pests destroy furniture and are health hazards too. Commercial businesses must react fast once they suspect pest infestation lest they incur lots of losses. The extent of damage caused by pests in commercial properties includes damaged walls, windows, and ceilings. Besides that, pests can affect the business reputation negatively and lead to loss of business, as research has proven over time. Commercial pest control is, therefore, an essential need for businesses today. Consider consulting professionals such as Life After Bugs for all your business pest-clearing needs.

Reasons Why Commercial Pest Control is Necessary

Pests and rodents like cockroaches, rats, lizards, ants, and spiders can adversely affect humans. Besides being a health hazard, they could lead to discomfort and severe property damage. Termites affect the structural integrity of your buildings, while rats and mice could eat through your paperwork and generally cause a bad reputation to your brand. Do not underestimate the impact these tiny pests can have. A simple infestation could have a federal agency at your premises for inspection and potential close down of business. It is essential, therefore, to hire the right pest control service when you first sight bugs and pests.

Telling When your Commercial Property is Infested

Besides the regular inspection by professionals, it is vital to know the signs of possible pest infestation. Common symptoms include the presence of gnawing marks and holes on surfaces. You may also realize that the space suddenly starts to smell musty; in some cases, you may have damaged furniture.

In the case of rats, you may notice that wires are cut, and some of your expensive equipment has been damaged due to the rodent issue. Unfortunately, such damage could trigger fire hazards. It helps to act fast once you realize the possibility of what could be going on. A fast reaction helps avoid expensive pest extermination in the future. Below are some of the common signs you should look out for.

Foul/ Bad Smells

All pests will always emit a strange, unpleasant smell. This is often a result of rotting food they consume in secluded areas.

Unsightly Buildups

Pests leave a lot behind. Since they are mostly hidden and secluded, they tend to cause a mess in these dark areas. Always look at corners and behind furniture to be sure no bugs are messing around.

Pest Droppings

One of the most common visible signs of pests in space is the presence of droppings. Check the property for feacal droppings and urine traces. You may quickly identify waste from certain pests like rodents but have difficulty identifying the destruction of minor bugs. However, if you suspect anything, hire professionals to help you ascertain.

Strange Noises and Sounds

While not all pests make sounds, others do. If you notice strange noises and sounds around the commercial property, check it to be sure.

Damage on Property and Bite Marks

These are probably the most obvious signs that you have a pest infestation. Scratch and gnawing marks on furniture and other surfaces may prove that you have a rodent problem. Bite marks can also indicate that you may have a few bugs around. Be careful, as sometimes it could be a predisposing disease factor.

DIY Pest Control Practices for Commercial Spaces

You could do a few things to help control pest infestation on your commercial property. These include:

  • Fixing holes in walls
  • Watch out for leaky pipes
  • Keep the employees enlightened
  • Have weekly professional inspections if you suspect an infestation.

Life After Bugs is the right partner for this commercial pest control job. Give us a call today to set you up.