Certain bugs and pests are likely to be found in specific areas and Houston, TX, is no different. The likes of roaches, termites, and spiders are common. While they are mostly not harmful to humans, they can constitute a nuisance and should be managed. This is where experts from Life After Bugs come in. It is important to find a solution that works and lasts. But first, it starts by knowing the potential bugs you have to battle with.


Texas residents know how ants are among the most common bugs around the area. You may be surprised to note that over 250 ant species exist in this area. However, the most common would be the red fire ants, acrobat ants, carpenter ants, and pharaoh ants.

The common small brown ants are the carpenter ants that are often attracted to the wood around your home. When left unchecked, they can easily lead to serious damage. It is advisable to call for pest control services once you spot these ants. Getting rid of them right away will save you a lot of cash.

Boxelder bugs

These bugs have a distinct appearance and are native to Texas. They are often dark brown to black in appearance, with red markings on their wings and body. The bugs are attracted to the Boxelder trees, especially the female trees that produce a certain sweet substance that the bugs feed on.

The bugs can be found under the roof shingle, where they burrow during winter. Sometimes they trace their way into the house, searching for shelter and food. While they are not dangerous, they can become a nuisance when they infest your home in large numbers; hence should be taken care of immediately.


Termites are most active in Spring and Fall. They tend to cause serious damage when left unchecked. Unfortunately, the damage can run into thousands of dollars. Usually, they are attracted or drawn to moisture and will be found in areas with water heaters and leaky pipes.

You can always identify a termite infestation by looking out for signs. One of the most common signs is the discolored walls, mud tubes, and discarded wings. Make sure to call pest control immediately if you suspect the presence of termites in your home. Ignoring termites can lead to structural damage that would be costly to fix.


Roaches are extremely adaptable and can thrive in all sorts of environments. This explains why they can be found in suburban, rural, and urban areas. You are also less likely to see them during the day since they are most active at night. Always contact pest control immediately if you see signs of roaches in your home. They breed too quickly, and in no time, you may have an uncontrollable situation in your home.

How Bugs Found their Way into Your Home

Bugs find access to your house in many ways. Common entrances include crevices, cracks, vents, doors, and windows. Your packages can also bring roaches in. Unfortunately, once they are in, they multiply and increase in number rather fast.

How to Prevent Bug Infestation

It is best to seal all openings and potential entrants. Besides that, inspect your boxes, bags, and clothes to ensure they do not bring roaches into your home. Also, dispose of your garbage regularly.

Call for professional assistance if they still find their way into your space. The right technicians can help identify and fix the issues. Life After Bugs is a great service provider if you live in Houston. Call today.