Most homeowners underestimate the potential of crickets. These bugs are often assumed not to cause harm or damage when the opposite is true. Only professionals such as Life After Bugs can help you understand and demystify misconceptions about crickets.

What are Crickets

Before taking action against the insects, you must know how they look and appreciate their appearance. They are winged insects that fly but mostly depend on their powerful hind legs, which they use to hope. You can only tell if there is a cricket infestation if you observe the following.

These insects grow to a specific size only. However, due to the strength of their hind legs, they tend to give off more than they are.

The insects are brown and tan with darker wings. While they resemble grasshoppers, crickets come with longer antennaeThey also have smaller hind legs compared to the grasshoppers, although the cricket’s hind legs are more formidable.

Why a Cricket Popoluation Should be Concerning

Crickets are best known for their chirping or singing sounds at night. However, you may be surprised to note that only male crickets produce this sound when they rub their hind legs together. However, there are many more facts about crickets that you may not know.

Do they Cause Damage?

Crickets rely on fibrous material found in hair and specific fabrics. They can destroy some of your decorative linen as they feed. The impact is noticeable when there is an infestation.

Do they Cause Diseases?

Crickets are dangerous pests as far as disease spreading is concerned. Not many people know this, but this trait makes them dangerous. An infestation could be severe since they spread salmonella, e-Colli, and other diseases.

Are Crickets a Nuisance?

A single cricket’s sound can be soothing. However, the opposite is accurate when a swarm of them is outside your bedroom window. It is even more disturbing if they hang around because these bugs are very prolific and will multiply in numbers within no time.

Hwo to Prevent Crciket Infgestetaion

It is possible to prevent cricket infestation if you act early. Please do not wait until they are many in your homestead to react. Fortunately, there are a few tricks that can help with this.

a.Take care of your Landscape: Clear any existing overgrown bushes and shrubs around the home. Crickets tend to hide in such spaces as a way of hiding from predators. Please do not make the environment conducive for crickets to make your yard their home.

b.Get Rid of Clutter and Debris: You do not want to provide ample breeding or nesting grounds for crickets. This can happens if accumulated debris has piled carelessly around yopur home.

c. Moisture Control: Crickets will thrive in areas with a bit o moisture since they love damp, dark spaces. Make sure to repair all leaking pipes and keep all areas around the home dry to avoid attracting pests of all kinds.

Getting Help

The good news is that you don’t have to handle cricket infestations alone. Call Life After Bugs if you live in Houston, TX. This is a competent company that will attend to all your concerns in no time. Feel free to call today.