There are several myths about pests and pest control services that have been around for years. You’ve probably heard some of the stories as well. For example, bed bugs like filthy dwellings, and mice love to eat cheese, among other urban legends.

There are a few bug myths that are seldom grounded in reality, despite their good intentions. It is often possible to debunk these myths simply by examining the facts. Here are six myths about pests and pest control services.

Myth #1: Pests Don’t Come To Clean Homes

Whether your home is clean or not, pests will come as long as they find cracks and crevices that they can use as an entryway. Also, pests will invade your home because of food and shelter, not cleanliness.

Myth #2: Mosquitoes Are Only Present At Night

Mosquitoes breed in stagnant water. If there is stagnant water in your home, whether it is night or day, mosquitoes can annoy and suck your blood. They can also cause dengue fever. So to keep them away from your home, get rid of stagnant water. Ensure that all your drainage is working.

Myth #3: You Can Lure Mice with Cheese

Contrary to popular belief, cheese is not the best lure to catch mice. They like food high in sugar and carbohydrates. Instead of using cheese, try to lure them using peanut butter, chocolate, or dried fruit.

Myth #4: You Can Kill All Bed Bugs Yourself

Bed bugs can get into tiny areas and reproduce quickly. A female bed bug can deposit five eggs per day and hundreds of eggs over her lifespan. Therefore, DIY techniques won’t be able to stop an infestation. Bed bugs can only be completely eliminated by expert pest control.

Myth #5: Termites Are Also Ants

Ants and termites belong to separate insect groups. Ant infestations can lead to wiring damage in your home. Termites have the power to demolish the walls or floors of your house. But you can treat both with expert pest control services.

Myth #6: What You Don’t See Won’t Hurt You

The absence of mice under your bed or anthills in your living room does not necessarily indicate that there isn’t a problem. Most of the time, ant colonies and mice are under your floors or within your floors.

To completely eradicate them, call an expert in pest control.

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