Pests and rodents thrive in Houston more than in any other area of Texas because of the city’s mild tropical environment and occasional cold snaps and freezes.

It is no surprise that Houston pest control service providers never run out of work given the city’s numerous bayous and humidity levels that sustain a wide variety of pests.

If you live in an apartment building in Houston, you know how pest infestation can ruin everybody’s day. Life After Bugs knows the importance of peaceful and pest-free living. Read further to know the different ways to manage pests in your apartment.

Why Does My Apartment Attract Pests?

There are various reasons why pests go into your apartment. Even after using all the preventive tricks, pests can still go into your home because of different things.

Most of the time, when the weather is harsh, pests will enter your apartment to seek shelter. Also, if your apartment has much clutter, pests are likely to enter and hide in that clutter. Cardboard boxes are the common hiding place of pests.

Access to water is also the most common cause of why your apartment attracts pests. Just like humans, they need water to thrive. Most importantly, leftover food is the number one cause why there are pests in your apartment.

What Options Do I Have to Manage Pest in my Apartment?

The only downside when you are living in an apartment building is the different lifestyles of tenants. Different lifestyles are one of the contributors to pest infestation in an apartment building. But we know for a fact that apartment building management has pest control processes in place.

This doesn’t mean that you should leave those pesky pests wandering in your apartment. Here are the things you can do to lessen the pests and prevent them from staying in your space.

For fruit flies, fill a shallow dish with apple cider vinegar and cover it with plastic. Poke holes in the plastic. The holes will serve as their entry if they get attracted to the solution but they won’t be able to get back out.

For spiders, mix equal parts vinegar and water in a spray bottle. Spray all cracks, openings, and entrances to prevent spiders from entering your apartment.

For cockroaches, pour beer into a shallow dish. It will send those cockroaches fleeing. Also, leave sliced cucumbers near entrances to stop cockroaches from entering.

For silverfish, sprinkle boric acid in the moist areas of your apartment, to prevent silverfish and other wingless insects from entering.

For ants, combine sugar, borax, and water. Form a paste. Place the paste on a piece of cardstock and leave it near the ants’ colonies. They will take it back to their colony and die.

If your Houston apartment needs pest control services, call Life After Bugs. We specialize in Pest Control Services. Regardless if you are a homeowner or a tenant, you deserve pest-free living. We also serve clients near Houston, Texas.