If there is one type of pest that we might hate, then this is definitely termite.

Frankly, termites aren’t just pests, they can cause so many problems and damage to your homes. They will eat your walls and they’re going to linger there until you have no choice but to eradicate them from your lives.

Here at Life After Bugs, we are quite passionate when it comes to providing the best pest control services – not just in Houston, but in its neighboring cities as well. This is a job we do best, and this is a guarantee to our clients.

If you’re unsure whether your house has termites, then there are signs that you can look out for. These signs are the following:

  • You’re starting to notice weak or flaking drywall around your house.
  • There is peeling paint on your walls and furniture.
  • When you knock on wood (particularly support beams), they sound hollow.
  • You’ve got moisture issues like buckling floorboards, loose tiles, and sticky windows.
  • Dust seems to be appearing everywhere.

These are the most common signs that you’ve got a termite infestation in your home, and these are signs that you should never ignore.

The thing is, when you ignore the first signs of a termite problem, you might be doing more harm than good. These pests will then eat more of your home, and the damage will just get bigger and bigger – this is something that you don’t want.

So at the first sign of a termite problem, call us at Life After Bugs since we can do so much to help you out – that’s a guarantee.

Life After Bugs offers countless treatments and services when it comes to pest control, and termite control is definitely one of our specialties. We will ensure that the cause of the infestation is targeted so you won’t have to worry about these pests again.

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