In the US, there are over 200 types of mosquitoes. While most of them are simply a nuisance, some can transmit germs and cause illness. If your business or office has a mosquito problem, you shouldn’t ignore it because these insects can affect your employees’ mood, ability to focus, and even their health. The easiest way to get rid of bugs is to call your local mosquito control company in Katy, TX.

At Life After Bugs, we have the resources and experience to deal with your problem within a few hours or days. We will first come to your business location and assess the issue, then suggest a removal and prevention plan. Because we are a small, family-owned business, we can provide you with friendly and personalized service.

Does Your Business or Office Have a Mosquito Problem?

Businesses shouldn’t let a mosquito problem slide. When not addressed, excess mosquitoes can cause a drop in employee satisfaction, reduced quality of work, a bad business reputation, and even health and safety issues. Fortunately, there are some simple ways you can prevent and get rid of mosquitoes. You should start by killing the bugs you already have, then do all you can to prevent future problems.

A good pest control company can help you with this. They will first evaluate and track the mosquito populations present at your company, then kill any adult mosquitoes. Once this has been achieved, they will remove breeding grounds and kill larvae so you don’t experience more problems in the future. You can also ask your pest control specialists to speak to your staff about how to best prevent future outbreaks.

What Is the Difference Between Mosquito Suppression and Mosquito Control?

There are two main ways of dealing with mosquito problems. The first is called mosquito suppression, and it consists of measures that can reduce the chance of a mosquito problem in the future. Outside of peak mosquito season, you should use suppression techniques to prevent future issues. These measures might involve removing breeding grounds and creating a barrier around your property.

Mosquito control includes all techniques used to address current infestations. Your pest control specialists might use a spray to get rid of the bugs, or they might install the In2Care mosquito product. It’s important to remove bugs without taxing the environment, so you should ask your pest control technicians to use natural products whenever possible. Often, the best approach is to combine suppression with control, so the acute problem is solved, and won’t recur.

Why Use Your Local Mosquito Control Company in Katy, TX?

There are good reasons why you shouldn’t let a mosquito problem grow out of control. So, whom should you call if you notice a large number of mosquitoes in your business? The best professionals are usually the ones who know your area well, so you should opt for a local, family-owned company. A pest control business like Life After Bugs can identify the species that are causing the problem and determine which treatment is most effective.

We can also adjust our methods to your budget and your company’s individual situation. For example, if you have a shop and you don’t want there to be any mist during the day, we can come at the weekend or use our In2Care mosquito product. What’s more, we will analyze your space to determine where mosquitoes are entering the business and where they are breeding. Then, we can suggest how to prevent future bug problems.

We Use In2Care Mosquito Product

Traditionally, mosquitoes were killed with a bug spray. In many cases, we still use a non-toxic mosquito spray to get rid of an acute infestation. This is one of the quickest and most effective ways of killing mosquitoes. However, there is now an alternative, which is particularly interesting for businesses that don’t want their space contaminated by mist, for instance, because they have customers visiting or because their employees are working in the office all day.

The In2Care mosquito product comes in the shape of a container. Mosquitoes are attracted to the substance inside it, and they will land on it to lay their eggs there. Once inside, they are contaminated by the bioactive compound inside the container. After they leave, the mosquitoes will transfer the substance to all other places they visit, killing larvae and reducing the mosquito population. This method is safe, and it doesn’t impact the running of your business.

We Prevent New Mosquitos 

In2Care is a great way of getting rid of mosquito larvae and therefore reducing future populations. However, it is a short-term measure, and your local mosquito control company in Katy, TX still needs to remove any breeding grounds to provide permanent relief. In particular, we will alert you to any standing water and help you to remove it from your premises.

We will also have a look at your insulation to see whether you have any gaps around your doors and windows, through which mosquitoes are entering your building. Once the mosquitoes have nowhere to breed and no way of entering your indoor space, you’re unlikely to suffer from an infestation again.

We Are a Friendly, Family-Owned Business 

Large extermination companies offer the same solutions to everyone. This often isn’t ideal, since every business is unique. Hiring a friendly, family-owned business is a great alternative because we will take the time to analyze your unique needs and find strategies that work for you. After our initial inspection, we can let you know what extermination methods are best and what you can do to prevent mosquito issues.

If you work all week, we can come to spray your building on Saturday. That way, you’ll enjoy a mosquito-free space by Monday, and you won’t have to worry about coordinating our work with your weekly schedule.

How to Reduce Your Mosquito Problem 

In addition to hiring a specialist, you can also implement some solutions on your own. During peak mosquito season, keep your windows closed, and turn on the air conditioning instead. When entering and leaving the building, ask everyone to close the door quickly so mosquitoes don’t have a chance to fly in. You could also buy some catnip plants, which repel mosquitoes.

What Is Integrated Pest Management? 

A traditional approach to a mosquito problem might include traps and a spray. But with the climate crisis looming, we all have to find more innovative ways of dealing with pests to avoid taxing the environment. Integrated pest management is a great solution for any business because it is a more comprehensive approach, and it includes prevention measures as well as extermination.

If your company is prone to infestation by mosquitoes and other pests, you should ask us to come up with a IPM plan. This comprehensive set of measures might include keeping all areas clean and free of debris, sealing around doors and windows, getting rid of standing water, installing barriers, and removing trash frequently. Because IPM focuses on prevention, it is more environmentally friendly and cheaper than traditional extermination.

Mosquitoes can not only be annoying, but they can also be dangerous. In addition to transmitting disease, they can cause allergic reactions in some people. In businesses and offices, mosquito problems have to be addressed ASAP. Get in touch with us at Life After Bugs in Katy, TX to find out more about our bug prevention and removal methods. We are a family-owned local mosquito control company, so we can provide individualized solutions.