How often pest control should be performed is a common question among homeowners. Because preventive maintenance is crucial whether you want to stop a re-infestation after treating your house for pests or preventing pest problems in the future.

There are many factors to consider for pest control. The location of your property, the construction type and age, cleanliness, the landscape around your home, and the kind of pests you are dealing with will all affect how frequently pest control should be done.

When you seek help from a trustworthy pest control service, they will work collaboratively with you to evaluate the situation of your home. After that, they will create a treatment program and plan based on your particular pest issues.

When Should I Get A Pest Control Service?

The advice of experts is to get a pest management program that satisfies your family’s demands while also taking into account the particular pest problems that your home faces. There are pest control services that offer programs that give quarterly or every other-month treatment.

If you pick a competent pest control company with experienced and licensed employees,  quarterly pest control services are enough to ensure your house stays free of unwelcome guests. However, if there is a severe infestation, you will need more than a quarterly or every other month pest control service.

Additionally, you have to consider the location of your home. Homes with surrounding lakes, tall grasses, forested areas, many flower or ornamental beds, and heavy mulching sometimes need monthly pest control.

A monthly pest control service is needed for getting rid of difficult pests to control, such as big-headed ants, white-footed ants, ghost ants, and german cockroaches.

The type of pest that has settled within your home, the length of time it has been infested, the location of the colonies, and how developed and pervasive the infestation is will all affect how frequently you need pest control.

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