There are various benefits when you buy second-hand furniture. Aside from its low cost, you can find high-quality furniture. Some owners also want uniqueness, so they purchase second-hand furniture for their homes.

While sometimes second-hand furniture is truly a treasure, unwanted critters may have occupied it before you do. But how can you ensure that the furniture you bought or you will buy doesn’t have bed bug infestation?

You can avoid bed bug infestation in second-hand furniture by following the tips below.

Examine the interior and outside spaces.

If the furniture was vacuumed or cleaned, there might not be any outward indications of an infestation. But never take anything at face value since bed bugs frequently hide inside the interior and join parts of furniture. The crevices, gaps, and chips are the favorite hiding places of bed bugs. They usually lay their eggs there.

Find out where the furniture was formerly kept.

Finding out where the furniture was kept will give you an idea of whether it’s safe from bed bugs. Even if the furniture was kept for a long time, it’s important to note that bed bugs can live up to 100 days without food.

Thoroughly clean your furniture.

If your sofa or chair has removable cushions or parts, throw them in the washer. Bed bugs can’t survive temperatures above 50°C for longer than two minutes.

Do not use insecticides or pesticides.

Most pesticides do not work with bed bugs. In fact, they are resistant to chemicals and natural ingredients. Let the expert handle the chemicals.

Steam clean your furniture.

Bed bugs can be killed by steam cleaning, but to reach between the fibers, you should use an industrial steamer with a bigger capacity and adjustable steam. The high temperatures required to eradicate bed bugs can be reached by these steam cleaners. But, since most steam cleaners aren’t dependable at getting into cracks and crevices, it’s preferable to contact a professional.

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Bed bugs are truly a nuisance. They can ruin beautiful furniture without warning and can cause severe infestation. If you have furniture that needs Bed Bugs Removal and Treatment, you are in the right place!

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