Bed bugs are one of the most hated insects everywhere. And getting rid of them is not easy. It is why spotting the early signs of bed bugs at your home is crucial to prevent further or severe infestation in the future.

Here are tell-tale signs if your home has bed bugs.

  1. Your mattress is stained with blood

Normally, you wouldn’t notice blood spots on your mattress if you don’t look for them. These stains are not your typical blood stains because it comes from bed bugs. Pay close attention to the mattress and bed sheet edges.

If you notice brown or black than red blood stains on your mattress, it is most likely caused by bed bugs. Bed bugs leave little food splatters as they walk around since they are sloppy eaters.

  1. Bite marks on your body

The bite marks resemble those left by a flea or a mosquito and are a little swollen, red spot that may itch and be uncomfortable. They may be in clusters or appear in a straight line.

  1. There’s a strange odor

Bed bugs have strong odors they release when they feel threatened. They also use it to alert other bed bugs. This stinky smell is known as alarm pheromones.

  1. There are exoskeletons and eggs

Bed bugs change their skin throughout their life cycle. If you see their exoskeleton or eggs on your mattress, sheets, as well as furniture, bed bugs are likely congregating in your home.

The color of their eggs appears milky white and is often found near their exoskeleton and blood stains.

  1. Your family members are experiencing the signs above

If you don’t experience the signs mentioned above but your family member does, it is an indicator that there are bed bugs. They are probably in your family member’s room. Knowing the signs of bed bugs has given you the power to prevent and get rid of bed bugs.

Bed bugs can cause damage to people and properties. Calling a pest control expert can save you and your property from bed bugs.

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