Pest infestation is a common issue among homes in Houston. Your house can be secretly invaded by various pests. But out of these, termites are something you need to watch out for. These creatures are tiny in size but can ruin your home and other items that you have. 

Therefore, to save you, your family, and your house from termites, you need to get a specialized pest control treatment for these tiny bugs today. 

How to Identify Termite Infestation

Termites are extremely tiny bugs that can slip your attention and damage your home. At times, the presence of these creatures goes unnoticed for so long that you only realize it after a severe amount of damage has already been done. Thus, to avoid such a situation, you need to be utterly careful and attentive to certain signs. These signs include: 

  • Drywall damage

If you see the walls of your becoming dry and flaky, that’s a sure sign of a termite attack. 

  • Peeling paint

If the walls of your house are peeling of paint layers, again, it is a sign of termites.

  • Hollow wood 

If you have wooden poles or floors in your house and if they have begun to sound hollow recently, the termites have already eaten a portion of them. 

  • Moisture problems 

Termites can bring excess moisture into your house. Thus, if you notice loose tiles, buckling floorboards, or sticky doors and windows, be sure to confirm the presence of termites. 

Moreover, if you spot any termite eggs or a termite swarm, be sure to hire an emergency pest control service and save your house. The best is to go for specialized pest control for termites. 

Why is it Difficult to Get Rid of Termites?  

Termites are stubborn creatures who are also exceptionally good at hiding. They mainly reside in their tunnels and colonies which are often tough to spot. Moreover, the colonies can still function without the queen, unlike bees. Thus, killing the queen is also not a permanent solution. 
This is the reason termites cannot be removed easily. However, specialized termite pest control services have proven effective for the task. Thus, don’t waste a moment further and hire the experts from Life After Bugs in Houston, Texas. Call us now to know more!