Dealing with a pest problem can be a stressful, expensive, and harrowing experience. A pest control battle in your home can feel like a never-ending war against an enemy that returns again and again to start a new battle. Whether you’re dealing with one type of pest or multiple, you will likely need to employ local pest control services from a local pest control company in Katy, TX to finally get peace of mind.

Nine Signs You Need Professional Local Pest Control Services in Katy, TX

1. Wood Damage

Wood damage in your home is a cardinal sign that you may be dealing with pests such as termites or carpenter ants. Many pests can cause damage to the wood in damp or dark spaces in your home, like the area beneath the sink, basements, and the kitchen.

When you notice wood damage, this is usually an indication that you’ve been dealing with a pest problem for quite some time, even if you haven’t been aware of it. Wood damage is a serious sign that can’t be overlooked, especially since repairing damage to floors, cabinets, and other wooden features in your home can be expensive.

2. Structural Damage

Many pests can also cause structural damage. In addition to pests such as ants, beetles, and termites damaging the exterior structure of your home, pests that are in the walls can also damage the overall structure of your home.

For example, pests that start attacking supporting walls in your home can actually compromise the structural integrity of the building. Some signs of structural damage can include cracks in drywall, sagging walls or ceilings, or a soft-feeling floor beneath your feet.

3. Furniture and Interior Damage

You may notice furniture and interior damage as well. Wooden furniture can be vulnerable to termites and other wood-eating pests, while fabric furniture will usually indicate a problem with moths, rats, and some other types of bugs. If you notice holes in the fabrics of your home, including drapery and clothing, this is usually a sign that something in your home is causing damage.

4. Strange Sounds

Many pests produce strange sounds, usually during the night because some pests are nocturnal. For example, you could hear scratching in the walls, chattering, squeaking, or other noises that sound like movement, all of which indicate that something is moving in your walls. If this isn’t horrifying enough, many pests that are moving in your walls can create openings that allow them to get into the interior of your home.

Strange sounds should not be overlooked. If you are hearing anything that isn’t normal for the sounds of your home, it’s best to call a local pest control company as soon as possible.

5. Tracks and Nests

You may notice tracks and nests in and around your home for various critters. For example, spider nests, ant beds, mud tunnels for termites, and rodent nests are all common tracks and nests homeowners notice when they have uninvited guests.

Usually, you will find tracks and nests in dark places in your home, such as the garage, basement, attic, or area under the sink. However, for pests such as ants and rats, you may notice nests or tracks in high-traffic areas such as the kitchen because the kitchen has food that attracts pests.

6. Unexplained Bites

If you notice unexplained bites on your body, this indicates that you have a pest problem. Usually, unexplained bites are associated with a spider infestation, bed bug infestation, mosquito infestation, and flea infestation. Whether you feel the bites as they happen or you notice the bites are accumulating on you and your family, unexplained bites are a serious sign.

It’s important to remember that many insects can carry diseases, so unexplained bites are actually an urgent sign that you need a pest control solution. Furthermore, if you have unexplained bites, you should visit a doctor or urgent care facility for a tetanus shot or other medical attention just to be on the safe side.

7. Visible Droppings

Many pests, such as rats, will leave visible droppings. Not only do these droppings smell, but they don’t look like anything else you would normally find in your home. Often, droppings from pests are small, dark, and hard. Furthermore, what you think are droppings could actually be eggs from the pest, so if you aren’t sure, a pest control service will be able to assess this evidence.

That said, when you see visible droppings, you also need to be concerned about potential bacterial or viral infections. People can get very ill from accidentally ingesting droppings from various pests, especially rats, so it’s important to disinfect everything if you notice any visible droppings.

8. Strange Smells

Some homeowners will notice strange smells. If you smell something unusual in your home, it might be urine from uninvited guests that are bunking in your walls. Usually, these smells will permeate through the immediate area and then spread throughout the home as the pest continues to travel through your walls.

9. Discarded Wings and Skin

Finally, you could have a pest problem if you notice discarded wings or skin from pests. For example, after termites are done swarming for the season, they will discard their wings and make a home for themselves in your walls. Likewise, other pests may shed hair or skin, which could trigger allergies for those who are sensitive.

Usually, you will notice wings and skin near the openings of your home, such as windows or doors. You should be careful when you’re cleaning up discarded wings and skin so that you can avoid potential contamination.

Is It Normal To Have Bugs in Your Home?

Even if you don’t like bugs, it’s normal to have a few bugs in your home. Spiders, for example, are occasional visitors. However, constantly seeing bugs or signs of other critters in your home means it’s time to contact local pest control services. When you’re inundated with pests, only professional services are effective enough to deal with your pest troubles.

What Is Considered an Infestation?

An infestation is an invasion of pests that you can’t handle with common-sense control measures. A large amount of insects and other critters in or around your home is a clear indication that you are facing a problem that requires a professional solution. Infestations can often feel like they are never-ending, so if you want peace of mind, then you need pest control.

How Can a Local Pest Control Company Help?

A local pest control company can help with an infestation in several ways. For example, pest control services in Katy, TX can use baits, eco-friendly extermination products, and much more to track and eliminate unwanted pests on your property. Pest control services can help you control bugs by installing continuous misting and trapping systems so you can prevent pest problems in the future.

If you’re having pest problems, it can be overwhelming to try and deal with them by yourself. Additionally, DIY pest control solutions are usually ineffective and frustrating, and may even pose a health danger to you and your family. To quickly get rid of pests, you should hire local pest control services. Contact Life After Bugs to learn more about how a local pest control company in Katy, TX can help you win the battle against your pests.