With Fall coming to an end and the cold weather ushered in as winter begins, no one wants to worry about pest infestation. Unfortunately, contrary to what many imagine, cold weather is not a remedy for killing bugs.

It could be a time when the bugs and rodents become a nuisance to you as they escape into the house for warmth and comfort since the outdoors are too cold for them. Frustrating as this may be, your best move is to build a line of defence. Consider hiri9ng Life After Bugs to help you deal with the bugs if they get out of hand. Before then, try the following tricks to control pests effectively during colder months.

  1. Embrace Airtight Storage Containers

It would be best to realize that bugs are seeking new shelters. Storage bins make a perfect choice for these intruders and can be such a rude shock. Always go for airtight storage if you plan to store your items. Watch out for holes in the storage containers you get, as this often happens to unsuspecting buyers. Confirm that the containers you get are sealed all through.

  1. Get Rid of the Pumpkins in the Porch

You may have used pumpkins to decorate your Porch and outdoors during Fall. While most homeowners are tempted to leave these pumpkins outside to show off, this can be a recipe for disaster as the colder months set it. Besides being ideal hideouts, they are also quite attractive to bugs and rodents because they provide food that the intruders love and appreciate. You can lessen the temptation by ensuring to get rid of all the pumpkins around the house.

  1. Watch Out for Sugar

Humans are not the only beings that are attracted to sugary stuff. Rodents and bugs will be drawn to sugar and are likely o infest your home more if they have easy access. Rather than eliminate sugar, it is best to have the sugary stuff, sweets included, stored up high in tightly secured containers.

  1. Organize and Declutter Spa ces

Rodents and bugs thrive in chaotic environments. To lessen the possibility of infestation, make sure to declutter your spaces and have everything as organized as possible.

  1. Take Care of Entry Points

Pests get into the house through specific entrances. Make sure to seal all loopholes and entryways, no matter how small. Repair concrete openings by plastering and sealing outer walls and roof cracks. The goal is to leave no space for the bugs to find their way to your house.

  1. Get Rid of Moisture

Pests will likely make your home their new thriving space if they have access to everything they need to survive. As the need arises, take care of moisture, such as open gutters, leaking pipes, and clogged bathroom drains. You want to deny the bugs and pests access to water.

  1. Always Call Pest Control Service Professionals

A pest infestation can be challenging for most homeowners and sometimes impossible to handle without the proper support. If you have done everything with minimal success, then it is only reasonable to hire professional pest control professionals. Life After Bugs has what it takes to help you restore order in your home, thanks to their trained workers and years of experience in the industry. Call today for assistance.