Rodents are small rats or mice-like creatures of the same breed. They have two incisors while mice don’t have. For those who don’t know, incisors are thin sharp teeth that continuously grow. They can pierce things and can cause damages. There are many types of rodents in the United States. 

There are different species of rodents in the United States especially in Katy Texas which is the largest City in Houston state. In this article, we will focus on some most common types of rodents. These types of rodents are commonly found in many houses across the United States and can create many problems which residents need to deal with. These small creatures are very harmful and are not easy to get rid of. No one wants them in their houses but unfortunately, they can sneak into your house.

Four Common Types of Rodents


These mammals have long tails, large ears, and beady eyes. They can grow to a length of approximate inches including their long tail. They have a body similar to squirrels with fat bellies, dark grey and black hair on their skins.

Deer Mice

They are normally small in size than the Mice with small ears, small tails, and brown fur.

Roof Rats

They can grow up to a foot in size including the tail and have dark black skin with less fur and a long tail.

Norwegian Rats

These kinds of rodents are even larger in size as compared to roof rats but they have a smaller tail and lighter skin and fur color

Various Problems Provoked By Rodents

Rodents are a type of mice that is very common in the United States especially in Katy, Texas. If they get into your house, it won’t be an easy task to get rid of them.

Once they enter your house there are many ways through which you get to know that you some unwanted guests in the form of Rodents that can create many problems for you.

Most probably you will find about the existence of rodents in your house when you hear a tinny dropping of things in your kitchen. These are nocturnal animals so you know their existence mostly at night.

If there are rodents in your house then the most annoying thing you will hear is the rustling sound in your house, especially at night. No matter what, you want these small creatures gone from your surroundings as they can cause many problems which will discuss below.

Damage To Property

The first problem these creatures will cause is damage. They are strong and have sharp teeth through which they can chew house material. They constantly become stronger with the passage of time. With their sharp teeth, they can pierce the exterior of your house, electric wires as well as damage the furniture of your house. The holes created by them can let rainwater into your home which can cause further damage to sensitive things like furniture and electronics.

They can make their own nest inside your home so they can stay there when they are now roaming around. They can use material from your home to create their nest. If there are more rodents then they can reproduce more of their kind and can cause further problems as it is not easy to get rid of them.

Various Ailments and Illness

Rodents can make you ill and there are many diseases which you can get from them. They can cause hantavirus pulmonary syndrome, plague, rat-bite fever, hemorrhagic fever with renal syndrome, Lassa fever, OMSK, leptospirosis, lymphocytic choriomeningitis, salmonellosis, and tularemia. Rodents can spread these diseases through their waste, urine, hair, and by moving over your food and dishes in the kitchen and you might don’t know this.

 Can Cause Risk of Fire

They have sharp teeth through they can chew wires and electrical cords at your house which can cause fire risk and make everyone life in danger.

Ways to Keep Rodents Out Of Your Property In Katy Texas

Properly Clean Your House

You have to be very proactive and follow number of preventive measures to keep these mammals and other insects out of your house. Because if once they get into your house they won’t go easily. The first thing you need to do is trim your lawn or garden outside your home. Also make sure that plants are well trimmed and arrange. Regularly clean spaces between the plants in your house as they mostly hide there.

Clean your garages as well as stores and dispose of any unwanted items from your house. Don’t stack things like woods and broken furniture in your house as they can also hide there as well. Dispose of leftover food if you are not eating them and properly clean the kitchen as food items attracts rodents.

Fill Up Holes and Openings

Fill out any holes and opening on exterior of your house especially if you have gardens or empty plots next to your house. Also spray pest into your house that can keep rodent out of your house.

Make Sufficient Use Of Mouse Trap

Mouse trap is another thing that you must have in your house to keep rodents out of your house as well as to catch them if they get into your house. Place something to eat on the mouse trap which will attract these creatures and put this trap along some hidden place in your house and where you suspect these creatures are hiding in your house. Properly dispose of rodents if you catch them in the mouse trap as their remain attracts more insects into your house.

Hire Professional Rodent Experts

If you know that there are rodents in your house and you can’t find any way to get them out of your house then you have to hire some expert to do the job. As these mammals reproduce quickly so there are chances that there are multiple rodents in your house if you find one and getting all of them out is very difficult. There are many companies that offer their service to catch and clean these animals from your home. You have to call them and they will spray pesticides into every corner of your home that will kill all these rodents and other insects at once so that you won’t trouble your more.

Final Take!

Dealing with Rodents is indeed one of the most daunting task and therefore it is important to deal with them timely and with the help of professional experts.