Bed bugs are notorious pests that can wreak havoc on your home and your peace of mind. If you’ve discovered an infestation, you may have decided to tackle the problem with heat treatment. Heat treatment is an effective way to get rid of bed bugs, but it requires proper preparation to be successful. In this guide, Life After Bugs will show you how to prepare for bed bug heat treatment.

Inspect and Declutter

Before heat treatment can begin, you’ll need to prepare your home. This includes inspecting and decluttering the affected areas. Bed bugs can hide in a variety of places, including cracks and crevices in furniture and walls, so it’s important to be thorough.

Start by removing any clutter from the affected areas. This includes clothes, bedding, and any other items that may be hiding bed bugs. Then, using a flashlight, inspect the area for signs of bed bugs. Look for live bugs, shed skins, and fecal stains, which are small black or brown spots that bed bugs leave behind.

Wash and Dry

Once you’ve decluttered and inspected the affected areas, it’s time to wash and dry any bedding, clothes, and linens. Bed bugs can’t survive extreme heat, so washing and drying these items at high temperatures will help to kill any bed bugs that may be hiding in them.

Wash all items in hot water and then dry them on the highest heat setting for at least 30 minutes. Be sure to place any infested items in a sealed plastic bag before transporting them to the laundry room to prevent bed bugs from spreading to other areas of your home.

Vacuum and Steam Clean

In addition to washing and drying your bedding and linens, you’ll also want to vacuum and steam clean your home. Vacuuming can help to remove any bed bugs, eggs, or nymphs that may be hiding in carpets, rugs, and furniture. Be sure to vacuum all cracks and crevices in the affected areas.

After vacuuming, use a steam cleaner to treat your carpets, rugs, and furniture. Bed bugs can’t survive temperatures above 120°F, so steam cleaning can be an effective way to kill any bed bugs that may be hiding in these items.

Seal and Protect

Once you’ve finished washing, drying, vacuuming, and steam cleaning, it’s time to seal and protect your home. Start by sealing any cracks or crevices in your walls, floors, and furniture. Bed bugs can hide in these areas, so sealing them off can help to prevent future infestations.

Next, consider using bed bug-proof mattresses and box spring encasements. These encasements can help to trap any bed bugs that may be hiding in your mattress or box spring, preventing them from biting you or spreading to other areas of your home.

Finally, be sure to move any remaining furniture away from the walls. This will make it easier for the heat treatment technicians to access all areas of your home during the treatment process.

Call in the Professionals

Preparing for bed bug heat treatment can be a time-consuming and challenging process, but it’s necessary for the treatment to be successful. If you’re not up for the task, or if you want to ensure that the treatment is done correctly, it’s best to call in the professionals.

At Life After Bugs, we specialize in bed bug heat treatment. Our team of experts will guide you through the preparation process and ensure that your home is properly prepared for treatment. We use the latest technology and techniques to provide fast, effective, and safe bed bug eradication.


Preparing for bed bug heat treatment may seem overwhelming, but it’s a necessary step to ensure that the treatment is successful. By following these steps and enlisting the help of professionals, you can eliminate bed bugs from your home and regain your peace of mind. Remember to inspect and declutter, wash and dry, vacuum and steam clean, seal and protect, and call in the professionals to ensure that your bed bug heat treatment is a success.

Don’t let bed bugs take over your home. With proper preparation and the help of Life After Bugs, you can take back control and sleep soundly once again.

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