You must have heard some unusual sounds at night coming from the corners of your house or your backyard. These are the sounds made by crickets. Crickets might not seem dangerous for humans but they are. Moreover, they can invade your house just like other pests.

Therefore, it is necessary to know more about cricket infestations and how professional pest control can remove them. 

Know More About Crickets 

Crickets look quite similar to grasshoppers. They too are winged insects but hardly use them to fly. Crickets prefer to hop using their hind legs. There are other features too of this insect that will help you identify its infestation. 

  1. Size 

Crickets are only a few inches in length. However, they appear a little longer when they fly. This can be mistaken for their actual size. 

  1. Color 

Crickets can usually be spotted in brown or tan shades with darker-colored wings. 

  1. Shape 

Crickets appear similar to grasshoppers but they have long antennae. Their hind legs are smaller than those of grasshoppers. 

Problems Associated with Cricket Population 

Crickets not only produce an unusual chirping sound but also causes a list of problems. If they have been living in your house for a while now, you are likely to observe these problems: 

  1. Damage to linens, curtains, clothes, and other fabrics and fibrous materials. 
  2. Can transmit diseases like E. coli and salmonella along with other infections. 
  3. Can create a nuisance with a chorus of their chirping sounds. 

Preventing Cricket Infestation 

One or two crickets might seem normal to handle. However, it is always better to get rid of them as early as possible. Thus, to prevent cricket infestation, you can follow these tips: 

  1. Landscaping 

Overgrown lawns and bushes are the favorite places for crickets to hide. Thus, keep your lawns trimmed and short to avoid them. 

  1. Declutter 

Crickets also love to take shelter in cluttered areas like garages dumped with unwanted items. Thus, to keep crickets away, declutter these areas and keep wooden items away. 

  1. Moisture control 

These creatures also like to hide in moisture-laden areas. Thus, keep all the pipes in good condition to avoid leaks and have proper ventilation in bathrooms, etc. 

Despite all these, if crickets have still taken over your house, call for help at Life After Bugs in Houston, Texas. Contact us now to know more!