Bed bugs are the most annoying thing you can bring back after an enjoyable journey. Even one tiny adult bed bug can start a severe infestation. A single bed bug can lay 200 eggs throughout its lifetime.

Did you know that the most common reason bed bugs appear in your home is that you unknowingly picked them up from outside?

Bed bugs need dark, chilly environments to survive and reproduce. Your luggage or clothing can pick up bed bugs from contaminated locations and transport them to other areas.

Hotels’ guests come and go. It is why hotel rooms provide an excellent environment for bed bugs to dwell, conceal, and even hitchhike from one location to another.

Here are some tips from Life After Bugs to help you avoid bed bugs during and after travel.

Protect your luggage

It is not enough to just put your clothes and other items inside your luggage. Putting them in Ziploc bags will protect your item from unwanted pests and bugs. Put your items in separate Ziploc bags. This way, it’s organized and protected.

Check your hotel room

Checking your hotel room may sound like putting unnecessary effort into your journey. But sometimes an extra effort can save you from damaging consequences, like bed bugs.

Check the mattress and bedding for any reddish or dark brown stains, and keep an eye out for any living or dead insects. Also, examine the bed’s crevices and the framing. A musty odor may also be present if there is an infestation.

If there are positive signs of bed bugs report the issue to management.

Ensure that you keep away your luggage from your bed

It’s ideal to use a baggage rack to get your bags off the ground and keep them away from the bed. Also, avoid leaning your baggage against the wall because bugs can crawl from the wall to your luggage.

Check your things regularly

Check all your things for bed bugs before checking out. Ensure that you will not transfer them to your home. Additionally, after your travel, inspect your luggage again, before transferring them to its respective place.

Using high heat to dry your clothes for 30 minutes can get rid of infestations.

If you need more information on preventing bed bug infestation, our line is always open for you. Life After Bugs is conveniently located in Houston, Texas. But if you reside nearby, no worries, we can deliver the same service for you.

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