During a hot Texas summer, tenants and homeowners tend to become extremely antsy about their best pest control routines. Ants, roaches, flies, and other pests are virtually never wanted within the interiors of a residential or commercial building, and if you’re dealing with these issues or currently thinking of ways to prevent them from ever happening, you may need some help. In this blog, Life After Bugs will share some helpful tips you can use while you search for a Katy TX extermination company.

Pest control services are critical for home and business owners, especially in a city such as Katy, Texas. There are an assortment of different bugs that come along with every season, but certain pests such as ants, fleas, termites, and roaches can seem like they’re always invading your personal space. If you are constantly dealing with household pests and you’re ready to put an end to your struggles, it is imperative that you hire a company who will not only meet, but exceed your expectations. In this blog, Allow us to provide you with an in-depth breakdown on how you can hire the best pest control company in Katy, Texas.

Extermination protocol is something you need to be aware of when searching for pest control companies in Katy TX. Quality exterminators understand the importance of making sure that a home is properly examined and assessed before performing any sort of extermination. Because of this, you’re going to want to make sure any potential exterminator you hire is going to be thorough before beginning any treatment. 

Find an Experienced Specialist

A red flag you need to be aware of when searching for Katy TX pest control companies is the promise of a “secret, enhanced” formula. If an exterminator uses this as a selling point while attempting to describe why he or she is different from their competition, you may want to run the other way. All pesticides used in the United States of America must be registered by the U.S. EPA and the States Departments of Agriculture. Therefore, you must not buy into the hype if these types of embellishments and lies are presented to you. 

Handymen are great, but if you’re searching for exterminator services, you may want to stray away from do-it-all home improvement servicemen. It is always better to hire a specialist who can specifically target your pest problems rather than a master of none who will not be able to complete the job properly. 

Quality pest control professionals use a medley of methods and techniques to get the job done. There is no “one-size-fits-all” solution when it comes to eliminating ants, roaches, termites, and other pests from your home. If someone claims to have “cracked the code” with their universal extermination method, this is not the worker for you. Each and every structure is different, and as a result, you’ll need a pest control company in Katy TX that will help you develop a custom plan of attack that’s unique to your property.

Best Pest Control for Mosquito Control, Bed Bugs, and More

While it is always responsible to inspect your home for bugs and pests, nothing can replace the professional attentiveness provided by a pest control company. Quality extermination specialists truly take their time when inspecting your home, going past surface levels to truly understand the root cause of the infestation. 

Any pest company in Katy should be more than willing to provide you with a no-obligation quote or estimate before performing any work. Free consultations and estimates have become an industry standard for pest control professionals, and one of the tell-tale signs of an untrustworthy business owner is an unwillingness to provide this key aspect of customer service to you.

Quality residential and commercial pest control companies should be able to verify their licensing and prove they are trained professionals. The chemicals that are contained in many pest treatment solutions can be deadly, and because of this, you do not want an untrained spraying this all around your house. This can be hazardous to not only your health, but also the wellbeing of your family, guests, and pets

Make sure you hire a Katy pest control company who is willing to lay out a clear and easy-to-understand treatment plan. In virtually every case of pest control, you will need your exterminator to revisit your home to periodically re-treat its surrounding areas and ensure you’re doing everything you need to keep pests away.

In addition to the chemical danger, licensing gives you peace of mind in knowing that the person you are letting in (and around) your home is someone who knows what they’re doing. It shows that being insured and bonded while consistently updating their professional representation is important to the person you’re potentially hiring, which is always a good sign.

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Services such as termite pest control can sometimes be impossible for homeowners to handle by themselves. While there are countless do-it-yourself solutions available online, few, if any of these will truly end severe pest infestations. Termites are a great example of a type of pest that requires professional assistance. Failure to eliminate this problem in a timely manner can result in not only unsightly bug infestations, but also severe structural defects.

In today’s society, there is competition in every industry. As a result, it can be extremely taxing looking for the best pest control company in your area. Are you still in search of an exterminator service that can eliminate your pest problems? If so, we’ve got you covered.

Life After Bugs is an experienced Katy TX extermination company known for eliminating bug problems and pest infestation. As a family owned and operated business serving Houston, Katy, and its surrounding area, we personally understand how frustrating (and, at times, frightening!) it can be to feel like your home is overran by bugs and pests that won’t go away.

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