We can’t deny the fact that mosquitoes are one of the most common pests in the United States of America – not just in Houston, Texas. It’s quite hard to find an area in the country that doesn’t deal with mosquito infestations.

However, it doesn’t mean that we can’t find ways to control the infestation that’s happening in our homes. This is where our team at Life After Bugs comes in.

Life After Bugs is one of the leading pest control service providers in the Greater Houston Area, and we’re always looking to be of help to our readers and clients.

In this article, we’re going to list three simple ways you can control the mosquito infestation in your homes:

  1. Get rid of any standing water in your home.

There is a famous saying that goes like this, “prevention is always better than cure.” So one of the best ways to prevent a mosquito infestation is by getting rid of any standing water in your home – this is a key step.

Keep in mind that mosquitoes need water to lay their eggs and hatch, so without any standing water, your home can be mosquito-free.

  1. Have citronella essential oils at the ready.

If you’re trying to spend a relaxing evening in your garden or backyard, then you might want to have citronella essential oils at the ready. This oil is found in candles and sprays, or you can even make it yourself. Citronella is an all-natural mosquito repellant and it makes your outdoor gatherings much more bearable and successful.

  1. Try to keep raw garlic in your home.

Did you know that raw garlic is one of the best ways to keep mosquitoes away from your home? You can do this by crushing a few garlic cloves, boiling them in water, then putting the mixture into a spray bottle. This can be sprayed outside your home to keep any mosquitoes from entering your living space.

Trust us when we say that these simple ways can control the mosquito infestation in your homes – these are surely foolproof. After all, Life After Bugs only wants what’s best for you, and we will do our best to provide only the best services for our clients in Houston and beyond.

To know more about our Mosquito Control Services in Houston, simply reach out to our team.