Summer with mosquitoes in your yard can be downright miserable, especially here in Texas where the mosquitos are so big they seem like they could carry you away. Giant blood-sucking mosquitos, oppressive heat, and kids home from school are a recipe for disaster. But summer mosquitos are preventable. What many homeowners don’t know is that spring is the best time to take action to stop the growth and reproduction of mosquitoes. In fact, as long as the temperatures are above 50 degrees on a regular basis, mosquitoes can be a problem.

So what can you do to stop them in their tracks? Here are some tips.

1. Invest in Mosquito Control Now

First, invest in mosquito control in the spring. If it got cold enough over the winter, mosquitoes may be hibernating in your yard. As soon as it starts warming up, they will start to surface and begin the reproductive cycle. Invest in mosquito control as soon as possible, with professional help, to enjoy a bug-free summer.

2. Remove Standing Water

Mosquitoes hibernate in water. They also lay their eggs in water, and standing water is where mosquito larvae grow and develop. To eliminate summer mosquito problems, remove the standing water from your yard now. Remember that mosquito eggs can survive in standing water the entire winter, only to hatch as soon as it starts to get warmer, so get rid of any water that accumulated in buckets, toys, or puddles over the winter.

Some spots where standing water may be located are harder to notice. For example, if you have a tarp in your yard, the folds of the tarp can collect enough water to encourage mosquito reproduction. Take a good, hard look around your yard to notice all the areas where mosquitoes and their young could be lurking.

3. Set Mosquito Control Traps

In addition to professional mosquito control services, consider investing in CO2 mosquito traps as part of your overall prevention. These smell to attract female mosquitoes, then traps them and kills them. Leave one in your yard all summer to help prevent problems.

4. Remove Overgrown Landscaping

Brush, weeds, and tall grass all help adult mosquitoes thrive. These are the locations where mosquitoes will rest when they are not feeding, so they attract adult insects who feed on your family. If the tall grass and brush are an important part of your landscaping, talk to a pest control professional about steps to take to keep mosquitoes out.

5. Plant Smart

Finally, plant flowers and plants that repel mosquitoes naturally. Lavender, peppermint, and citronella grass are all strong-smelling plants that mosquitoes don’t like. Marigolds, chrysanthemums, and pennyroyal are also good mosquito repellents.

Remember, you have one chance to protect your yard and your family from a summer full of mosquitoes. Spring is an excellent time to plant the right plants and take care of standing water problems. By doing so, you can enjoy a summer that is free from the nasty, biting pests. Don’t forget to call a pest control professional for help if your home develops a serious infestation requiring mosquito control or extermination.

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