There are some hardy pests and bugs in Texas. While average temperatures in the state don’t get much below 50 degrees in most places, it’s mild winters still make it an ideal climate for rodents of all types to thrive. The bugs don’t necessarily go in away either like they do in most cold northern states, where they tend to hibernate until the spring. Even with the temperate winters, some pests are still dying to get into your cozy little home.

That’s where Life After Bugs comes in. We are the best pest control company in the Houston, Katy, and Richmond areas of Texas. Just to let you know, if you need any help getting rid of these fall and winter pests, we’re here for you. Here are some of the bugs and rodents you may encounter in your home this season.

Mice and Rats

Rodents are the biggest pest problem for Texans in the winter and fall. Rodents, mice, rats, or vermin; whatever you call them they are a nuisance. And they’re more likely to make their way into your home during the winter. The main reason is to find warmth and food, which your home unwillingly provides to these furry guys. Unfortunately, there is nothing cute about them. You may start to notice food packages or bread with tiny holes that the rodents have gnawed away at. Or you could see tiny black droppings on your counters or floors. Either way, it’s time to call in our team of experts at Life After Bugs to employ some rodent pest control measures and seal rats and mice out of your home with exclusion service.

Texas Sized Fire Ants

Anyone who lives in Texas knows what a pain fire ants can be. There might be large mounds around your yard area that when disturbed can cause these little monsters to spread. That may include coming into your home. If you have ever had a fire ant infestation, it’s pretty brutal. The ants can end up all over your home, in your closets, and even in your bedding. Our ant control and treatment at Life After Bugs will take care of the problem right away.


If you have furry friends that live with you, it’s obviously more likely that you’ll end up with fleas in your home. When your dog goes outside that’s when the fleas will make the move to jump on their warm body. Then the next thing you know, fleas are in your house. Sometimes even if you can’t see the fleas, you’ll know they are there because they tend to reproduce in bedding and furniture. It’s important to treat the animals, get rid of all flea eggs, and also treat the areas outside the home to prevent the problem from happening again with our flea control service.

Texas Sized Cockroaches

Aren’t cockroaches just the worst? These pests are sometimes brought into the home when you bring in firewood to use in your fireplace. Plus, these nasty bugs can look for holes in your screens and even come in through your chimney. As experts in roach extermination, we’ll remove the ones you have and prevent more from invading your home in the future.

Schedule Winter Pest Control Service

This fall and winter, don’t let any type of bug, pest, or rodent make your home their home. Get rid of them fast with our expert services. If you have questions about how Life After Bugs can improve the quality of your home by making it pest-free, give us a call today. We are a family-owned operation with safe and reliable pest control methods. Let us help you start a better “Life After Bugs.”