Termites are notorious pests that can wreak havoc on homes, causing extensive damage and posing a significant threat to the structural integrity of buildings.

Houston, with its warm and humid climate, is particularly vulnerable to termite infestations.

So in this ultimate handbook, our team of experts at Life After Bugs will discuss everything you need to know about termite control in Houston, Texas.

Recognizing the Telltale Signs of Termite Activity

Early detection of termite activity is crucial in preventing severe damage to your home.

Here are some signs to watch out for according to our team of experts at Life After Bugs:

Discarded Wings

Termites swarm and shed their wings when they establish a new colony. This is why finding discarded wings near windows, doors, or light sources is a clear indication of termite activity in your homes.

Mud Tubes

Subterranean termites construct mud tubes, which are pencil-sized tunnels, to provide moisture. This is also needed to protect themselves while traveling from their nests to their food source. So always check for these mud tubes along the foundation of your home or in crawl spaces.

Hollowed Wood

Remember that termites feed on cellulose, which is present in wood. If you notice hollow-sounding or damaged wood, especially in areas prone to moisture, then it could be a telltale sign of termite infestation.


Lastly, termite swarmers are reproductive termites that fly around looking to establish new colonies. When you spot swarmers indoors or when you find their discarded wings indoors, this is a sign that there’s a nearby termite infestation.

Understanding the Devastating Effects of Termite Damage on Your Home


Termites can cause significant damage to your home’s structure if left untreated.

Keep in mind that they can silently eat through wooden beams, floors, and even furniture. This leads to weakened foundations which can compromise the stability of the entire building. Not only that, but termites often target hidden and hard-to-reach areas, making their presence difficult to detect until the damage becomes severe.

It’s estimated that termites cause billions of dollars in property damage each year in the United States of America (yes, not just in Houston) alone.

Identifying Termites Attraction Factors and Effective Remedies

Understanding what attracts termites is quite crucial for effective termite control – trust us.

Here are some factors that attract termites and ways to successfully mitigate them:


If there’s one thing to keep in mind, it’s that termites thrive in moist environments. This is why it’s so important to fix any leaking pipes, drains, or faucets to eliminate any potential water sources. Not only that but ensure proper drainage around your home and keep gutters clean to prevent water build-up near the foundation.

Wood-to-Soil Contact

Termites gain easy access to your home through direct contact between wood and soil. For this reason, keep firewood, lumber, or any wooden debris away from the foundation. Also, use concrete or metal barriers between soil and wooden structures.

Vegetation and Mulch

Keep in mind that termites are attracted to wood and cellulose-based materials. This is why you should always trim your trees and shrubs away from your home’s exterior. Maintain a gap between mulch and the foundation to minimize termite access.

Untreated Wood

Protect the vulnerable areas in your home by using treated or naturally resistant wood. You can even consider applying a protective sealant to exposed wooden surfaces.

Trusting the Experts at Life After Bugs in Houston, Texas

While most “do it yourself” methods can be useful for minor pest problems, it’s highly recommended to contact professionals for comprehensive termite control.

Here at Life After Bugs, you can rest assured that our trained technicians have the expertise, equipment, and access to specialized treatments that effectively eliminate termites while preventing future infestations. These are things that set us apart from the rest.

Remember that our experienced team will conduct a thorough inspection, identify the extent of the infestation in your home, and develop a customized treatment plan tailored to your specific needs in Houston, Texas. Know that with our advanced techniques and eco-friendly methods, Life After Bugs ensures the complete eradication of termites while prioritizing your safety.

Once the inspection is complete, our experts will employ a combination of targeted treatments to eliminate termites while protecting your home. These may include the following:

Liquid Termiticides

These are applied to the soil around the foundation to create a barrier that repels and kills termites. These liquid termiticides effectively eliminate colonies and provide long-term protection for you, your family, and your home.

Bait Systems

The termite bait stations are strategically placed around your property. Remember that termites can be attracted to these baits and so they’ll carry it back to their colonies, leading to the elimination of the entire termite population.

Wood Treatments

Did you know that infested wood can be treated directly with specialized products that kill termites upon contact? This method is particularly useful for localized infestations or when treating wooden structures such as furniture.

Preventive Measures

In addition to treating existing infestations, Life After Bugs will recommend preventive measures to reduce the risk of future termite problems. This may involve ongoing monitoring, regular inspections, and proactive treatments.

By entrusting your termite control needs to professionals like Life After Bugs, you can have that peace of mind in knowing that your home is protected against these destructive pests.

So what are you waiting for?

Don’t let termites compromise the integrity of your home – take proactive measures today by reaching out to our team at Life After Bugs to know more about our Termite Control Services.