If we asked you what the most annoying type of insect is, what would you have answered?

For us, there is no doubt that the most annoying type of insect is the mosquito. These insects are considered a “pest” because they can definitely ruin your time and they can keep you from enjoying your personal spaces.

Although these insects are quite problematic, there are ways for you to keep them out of your homes in Houston, Texas. Life After Bugs is one of Houston’s leading pest control service providers, and we aim to be of help to anyone who’s dealing with mosquito problems.

So here are three effective ways to keep mosquitoes out of your homes:

  1. Always throw out any kind of stagnant water in your homes.

Did you know that carbon dioxide attracts mosquitoes? This is due to the fact that mosquitoes lay their eggs in water, so when stagnant water is present in your homes, this could be a welcoming breeding ground for mosquito larvae.

  1. Check for leaks that might be in your home or have them fixed right away.

If you’re keen on keeping out mosquitoes, then checking your leaks and fixing them is one of your safest options. It’s true that leaks are quite hard to detect, but once you find them, ensure that you fix them right away. This is because mold may start growing in this area and these spaces will surely attract mosquitoes.

  1. Maintain a well-cut lawn and always trim back your bushes.

Whenever you’re mowing your lawn, ensure that they’re always well-cut, and be sure to always trim back your bushes. Another thing to keep in mind is to remove any weeds and vines that can wrap around your vents and pipes. This is to ensure that you’re preventing any mosquitoes from taking shelter during the rainy season – you can never be too careful.

If you want to get rid of the mosquitoes in your homes, then follow these three steps and you’ll be good to go in no time. Although if you want a better way to rid your homes of these pests, then you can go for Life After Bugs’ Mosquito Control Systems.

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