Mosquitoes are one of the most common problems that we’re facing in the United States of America – not just in Houston, Texas.

These pests are found everywhere, but more especially in cities with a warmer climates.

While we all might know a thing or two about mosquitoes, do you know what you’re looking at once a mosquito bites you?

Here at Life After Bugs, we’re always looking for ways to educate our readers and clients when it comes to all things pest control. So in this article, we’re going to share three of the most common mosquito bites and their symptoms:

House Mosquito Bites

There are almost a dozen of these species that can be found in the United States, and these mosquitoes lay eggs in places that contain stagnant water. While they’re not as deadly as the others, house mosquitoes will carry a bunch of diseases as well.

Symptoms: Most house mosquito bites are quite common and you might not even think twice about them. Although if you’re allergic to the saliva that mosquitoes inject during a bite, then you can experience an itchy red bump or even hives.

Gallinipper Mosquito Bites

These types of mosquitoes are more common in Florida, and they have existed for quite a while now. These mosquitoes are more commonly found in rural and agricultural areas, but not much in most residential neighborhoods.

Symptoms: If you’ve been bitten by these types of mosquitoes, then a redness or swelling might appear in the affected area. While bites don’t cause diseases, they still irritate the skin.

Malaria Mosquito Bites

These mosquito bites can happen when a common mosquito carrying the parasite “plasmodium” bites a person. Best believe that a single bite can be detrimental and can cause malaria. These types of mosquitoes are common in tropical and subtropical countries.

Symptoms: The common symptoms of these mosquito bites can be quite unpleasant and uncomfortable. They can also be accompanied by sweating, chills, headaches, vomiting, and diarrhea. If these symptoms are not treated accordingly, then it can be deadly.

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