It is straightforward to assume that you are safe from pests and rodents since the weather is slowly becoming chilly with snow piling up. Most homeowners assume that the cold winters also mean being bug-free. On the contrary, they should be prepared and expect a few bug infestations as these unwanted guests will escape into the home in search of shelter, warmth, and comfort. But what kind of pests should one expect with the cold season? It is essential to know this as it helps you call your professional bug treatment experts from Life After Bugs for inspection and treatment. Some of the pests that shouldn’t be surprising during this season include:

  1. Roaches

It can almost be impossible to get rid of coc kroaches. However, the good news is that these bugs die when the temperatures fall below a certain point, usually 50 degrees below. However, this also means that they will likely be a menace to homeowners during winter if they find their way into the house. Unfortunately, roaches are more dangerous than most people know. They contaminate food, are disease carriers and spreaders, and may trigger allergies. It’s best to have them under control before they cause serious consequences.

  1. Spiders

These are often assumed to die with the cold weather. This assumption is made because most spiders enter a dormant stage where they are slower in everything. House spiders prefer nesting undisturbed at specific corners of the house, including the attic, closet, and crawl spaces. It is even more severe if the areas have not been cleaned since Spring. You may want to exercise caution since some spiders have venomous stings that could lead to death. The best move is always to keep your spaces clean, and if you notice several spiders, call in professionals to help.

  1. Bedbugs

These are some of the bugs that hibernate during winter due to the excess cold. However, they can also hide out in warm, cozy spaces such as mattresses and bedding. You can always tell there is an infestation by finding dead bedbugs in your bedroom or having unexplained bites. Have the right pest treatment experts investigate the situation, to be precise.

  1. Ants

Ants are a few of the bugs that are unaffected by the weather. They tend to stay active all year round and will be seen moving around in their colonies into the house in search of water and food. You will notice a rail of ants inside the house if there is an infestation. It is also possible that the ants may have hatched young ones hence the need to find warm and cozy spaces during winter.

If you have a problem with any of the mentioned bugs/ pests, consider hiring professionals to help you eliminate them safely. Life After Bugs is an excellent option if you are in Houston and want a reliable company worth your coins.