Aside from being annoying, mosquitoes pose a great danger to anyone. Just one bite can bring you straight to a hospital bed. Mosquitoes are dangerous creatures because they can pick, carry, and transfer viruses to anyone.

Humans cannot completely avoid mosquitoes, but some methods are proven effective so people can stay safe from these disease-carrying pests. To avoid getting bitten by mosquitoes, you should use the following:

Wear Repellent

If you enjoy the outdoors, wearing mosquito repellent is a great way to avoid mosquito bites. If you travel constantly, taking precautions like wearing a repellent can go a long way. Mosquito repellents nowadays are very effective as long as you use them properly.

When using repellent, you should apply it to any visible and uncovered skin. Some repellents last eight hours, while some work for a long period. Reapplication is the key.

But if you don’t go outside often, a mosquito control system around your home works effectively to prevent mosquito infestations.

Wear Loose-Fitting Long Sleeves And Pants

Another way to stay safe from mosquito bites is loose-fitting long sleeves and pants. In the past, warriors wear armor to protect themselves from enemies.

Today, humans can shield themselves from disease-causing mosquitoes by wearing loose-fitting long sleeves and pants. Mosquitoes will still try to bite you when you cover your skin with clothes, but their needle-like mouth or proboscis will not reach your skin, especially if you wear thick long sleeves and pants.

Wear Light Colored Clothing

Dark hues appeal to mosquitoes for a variety of reasons. Dark hues may mimic shadows, which have a greater tendency to absorb and hold heat, making it possible for mosquitoes to utilize their highly developed antenna to locate a host.

Mosquitoes avoid sunlight because they are prone to dehydration. It’s the primary reason why they are more active at twilight and dawn. Mosquitoes view light colors as a danger. They subconsciously associate light colors with danger.

If you got bitten by mosquitoes, you should…

Apply Cold Compress

Mosquito bites are extremely itchy. And it’s difficult to avoid scratching it. Unfortunately, scratching mosquito bites can lead to open wounds that can be infected by anything.

To avoid itchiness, apply a cold compress to the area to cool down and alleviate some of the itchiness in the skin.

Apply Aloe Vera

Aloe vera naturally reduces inflammation, which can assist with the pain and itching associated with mosquito bites. To lessen the itching around the bite, apply aloe vera to an area that is significantly larger than the bite.

There are many ways to prevent mosquito bites but they are only temporary. If you need a more permanent solution for mosquito bites, the answer is to eliminate the biter.

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