Are mosquitoes ruining your Houston summer fun, and you’re weighing yard treatment service and automatic misting systems? Considering mosquitos stick around the Houston area nearly 60 percent of the year, from March to October, deciding between yard treatments and misting systems is as important as ever in the Bayou City. Because one this is for sure, mosquitos are not going away anytime soon.

Here’s what you need to know.

Types of Mosquito Treatments: FAQs

What Is a One-Time Mosquito Yard Treatment Service?

A one-time yard treatment spray for mosquitos works by breaking the mosquito life cycle. Mosquitos wander from yard to yard, looking for an egg-laying location, such as an uncleaned gutter, fishless garden ponds with a broken pump, or a French drain. Their eggs hatch into larvae, commonly called wrigglers.

These one-time yard treatment services keep wrigglers from progressing to adulthood.

How is the Yard Treatment Applied?

Typically, a pest control technician will walk around your yard spraying bushes and trees. Non-toxic granules are also placed in standing water, like French drains that we can’t empty.

This substance makes your property unhospitable for mosquitos to feast, socialize, or reproduce; so, the they go elsewhere, leaving you and your yard a to be in peace.

How Effective is a Yard Treatment Service?

The effectiveness of a one-time spray will wear off, so if you use this method alone, spraying must be executed once a month to keep the population from sprouting back up. But you can combine a one-time treatment with mosquito-repelling granules for a longer-term solution.

Are the Mosquito Sprays Safe?

Texas-approved products are considered people and pet-safe. Depending on the product used, these do not harm helper insects, like butterflies and bees, because it directly targets mosquito larvae.

This is why it is so important to use a safe and reliable company, like Life After Bugs.

We use a product made from garlic for our one-time treatments, just like the kind in your kitchen. Mosquitoes hate this stuff! However, helpful pollinators and other wildlife are not unphased by it.

What Is a Mosquito Lawn Misting Spray System?

An electronic mosquito misting system works by spraying a fine vapor that kills and prevents mosquito larvae from hatching. Professionals usually mount this system, also known as a mosquito misting system or mosquito mister, around the perimeter of your property to keep out or kill mosquitos.

How are these Mosquito Misters Installed?

The spray nozzles are often hidden in lawn structures, landscaping, or fences, and they are connected via hidden tubes to a continual supply of insecticide. Most run on a timer and can be remotely controlled to spray off-schedule as needed.

When are Mosquito Misters Used?

Once installed, a mosquito mister is a permanent technology that keeps the population down significantly. It can be programmed to run year-round, as needed.

You can also time the misting so that it happens while you, your children, and the pets are inside.

Are Automatic Mosquito Misting Systems Safe?

As the EPA reported (Environmental Protection Agency), misters do not pose a risk to humans when the state-regulated pesticide regulations are followed correctly, which Life After Bugs strictly practices.

These types of pesticides do not interact with people and pets in the way they do with mosquitoes.

Will a Mosquito System Kill Bees or Harm Other Animals?

Depending on the company you use to apply these services, they may. But when you choose Life After Bugs, we make sure your yard’s healthy visitors and ecosystem are safe.

We use pyrethroids, which are similar to a substance produced by chrysanthemum flowers. Just like any flowering plant, chrysanthemums need pollinating insects to multiply, so they would not make something that kills or repels helpful pollinators.

We’ve chosen this butterfly and bee-friendly product for this reason. Mosquitos, on the other hand, have a different opinion of it.

Contact Us About Your Mosquito Prevention Options

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