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Fly Control: Large & Fruit Fly Pest Control Katy, Houston & Richmond TX

If you own or manage a business in the food and beverage industry chances are you’ve experienced a large fly or fruit fly infestation. Life After Bugs provides fly control services in Katy, Houston, and Richmond, Texas. Fruit fly infestations are very difficult to get rid of on your own, and large flies don’t want to leave their comfortable environment. Call  (281) 709-2639 or send us an email requesting a inspection for potential service. Our commercial pest control technicians will come out to your bar, restaurant, or café to conduct a thorough assessment and provide a complete inspection report with recommendations.

Fly Pest Control Treatment Methods

Our fly exterminators can use a variety of treatment methods simultaneously or in a planned sequence to get an infestation under control aggressively. Some of these methods include:

  • Aerosol Pyrethrin Fumigation
  • Fly Traps
  • Liquid Baits
  • Sticky Traps
  • Fly Repellant
  • Fly Zappers
  • Dust & Powder Insecticides
  • Fogger Sprays
  • Thorough Cleaning Interval Programs

The last fly treatment method may sound silly, but when it comes to large flies there’s only one way they can stay alive; they have a food source. Another disgusting but undeniable fact about a thriving fly population is that they have successfully laid eggs that eventually became maggots somewhere in your establishment. Yuck! That’s why an intervention is needed to implement a cleaning schedule with detailed instructions and a schedule.

Fruit Fly Control & Extermination

Fruit flies are one of the most difficult insects to eradicate in the food and beverage industry. One of the most important steps to address a fruit fly infestation successfully is educating staff about proper cleaning protocols and sealing.

A custom cleaning schedule is laid out with checkboxes and initials for each responsible party on shift to complete.

If a soda gun is present, employees are shown how to clean the lines in the morning and at night to flush out any sweet syrup that fruit flies can feed on.

Any bottles with pour spouts are sealed with an air-tight cover nightly and when not in use until the fruit flies are completely exterminated.

Schedule a Fly Pest Control Management Assessment

Contact us to schedule an assessment. Our experienced pest control technicians will inspect and assess current pest control needs and report findings. We have locations in Katy, Richmond, and West Houston and are proud to serve the hospitality industry.

Schedule Ant Treatment

Contact Life After Bugs today to request a pest management assessment. Our technicians will come to your location and develop a pest control plan to prevent future infestations and treat any flies or pests that are present.