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Cockroach Control in
The Woodlands, TX

Cockroach Pest Control in The Woodlands, Texas

Cockroaches are believed to be some of the oldest creatures on Earth. They have evolved with time and can survive in nearly all conditions. All they need is some starchy food and warmth to survive. cockroaches usually live in unhygienic areas like garbage cans, sewage lines, etc. That’s also the reason they pose health risks to humans. Hence, it is necessary to treat cockroach infestation in time. And for that who could be better than Life After Bugs? Approach us now for more details. 


Which Cockroaches do you have?

American cockroach

Mainly found outdoors, these roaches can also enter your homes through drain pipes. You can identify them by their reddish brown color and approximately 2 inches in length. They love to feed on fermented foods and leave their eggs near food in protection.

German cockroach

This tiny insect, pale brown can easily take over spaces like buildings, restaurants, hotels, etc. You can identify them by two dark stripes on their bodies. They love to live in humid areas near a source of water.

Oriental cockroach

Found both indoors and outdoors, these oriental cockroaches are larger than German cockroaches. They measure 1.25 inches in length and have dark brown and black shiny bodies. These roaches can survive in cold, however, prefer warm, dark, and damp areas.

I.P.M and Cockroaches

I.P.M., also known as integrated pest management is an effective strategy used to get rid of pests like cockroaches. The technique suggests making your property pest-free by using minimal pesticides. 


For cockroaches specifically, the strategy insists to keep your houses and surroundings clean. This eliminates the breeding grounds for these insects and reduces their growth. 

Treatment of Cockroaches

Cockroaches need special treatment to be eliminated. Hence, at Life After Bugs, we implement safe and efficient pest control ways. Our process starts with inspection and is then followed by pest control and regular treatments.

Keep it Clean

Since cockroaches love to be in dark, and unsanitary areas, cleaning your house and surroundings can help greatly in preventing their growth.

Our Cockroach Control Methods

There are multiple ways to control cockroach infestation.

These are particularly followed for these creatures and include techniques like: 


  1. Gel bait 
  2. Dusting 
  3. Granules 
  4. Growth regulators 
  5. Chemical free treatment 
  6. Low-toxicity pesticide application

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