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Flea Control in
The Woodlands, TX

Fleas are the tiniest and some of the strongest creatures. They measure about 1/16 to ⅛ of an inch. You can spot them from their reddish-brown color and tube-like mouth. Their bodies are hard and have spines, and hairs pointing backward. This helps them in movement and also protects them from attacks like smashing. That’s also the reason they are tough to eliminate. But not for us. At Life After Bugs, we offer effective pest control treatment for fleas. Contact us now for more details! 


Flea Control Inside the Home

Though fleas are tough to kill, our experts at Life After Bugs are skilled at doing so. We use effective treatments that immediately kill adult fleas and offer long-lasting protection. Our team also uses a special chemical that prevents younger fleas from maturing sexually. This helps in reducing the production of more fleas and eliminates their existence eventually.


Our treatment covers carpets, rugs, and areas used by your pets. Also, in your rooms with hardwood floors or tiles, our experts will treat the baseboard, crevices, and cracks for added protection.

Flea Control Outside the Home

Life After Bugs also offers flea protection outside of your house. The process starts with inspecting areas like grass, kennels used by pets, etc. Later, we use special chemicals to eliminate the insect from your property. During our treatment, we make sure to use only low-toxicity or safe chemicals. This ensures your and your family’s safety

With our flea control services, you can rest assured knowing your homes and pets are safe from flea infestation.

Flea Life Cycle

  1. Eggs
    They make up 50% of any infestation as one flea can lay up to 50 eggs in a day. These eggs are also impervious to pesticides. 
  2. Larvae
    It makes up about 35% of any infestation. However, larvae are blind and avoid light. It takes about weeks to months for larvae to mature.
  3. Pupae
    These make up 10% of any infestation. Pupae prefer to remain in their cocoons until they detect any movement, pressure, heat, carbon dioxide, or noise.
  4. Adults
    They are only 5% of the infestation. However, they emerge hungry and mature from cocoons and soon start to lay eggs continuing the cycle.

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